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April 2020
Make Portuguese Count™ Newsletter
A Special PALCUS Publication Dedicated to the 
National 2020 Census for the Portuguese Community

In this issue......  
  • Message from the Director: "2020 Census in the Time of COVID-19"
  • News from the U.S. Census Bureau: Deadlines Extended! Do Over!
  • Progress Report: Who's IN THE BLUE?
  • What's New? Now 3 Ways to Self-Respond
  • How to Write "Portuguese" on the 2020 Census
  • Ambassador Message: Maria Lawton - The Azorean Green Bean
  • Media Blitz Continues!
  • About Make Portuguese Count™
  • PALCUS National Complete Count Committee
  • Campaign Special Partners and Supporters
  • Meet Our Captains!
  • Affiliated Organizations
  • Make Portuguese Count in the Classroom and Faith-based Outreach
Message from the Director
Marie R. Fraley   PALCUS National Census Director
2020 Census in the Time of COVID-19

First and foremost, my sincerest wishes go out to each of you that you are all well and safe with your families. The stress of this pandemic on our daily lives is unprecedented whether you are sheltering alone, working from home with children to home school or on the front lines keeping us safe, fed, healthy and informed. 
T hank you to everyone who is contributing in their own way.

At times like these, when people are fighting for their very survival, we wonder how Make Portuguese Count™ is relevant or even important.  No doubt we are all worried about what to do - or not to do - to stay safe. We are worried about our friends and family on the front lines and how much longer we can last without income. It is more than a distraction - it is now part of our daily lives that may define us for a long time to come.

What gives me hope is the fact that we are Portuguese Americans!  Through my upbringing, I've learned that we are determined, resilient and strong. Our history of exploration and immigration, surviving volcanoes, World Wars and the Great Depression teaches us that we never shirk from rolling up our sleeves and tackling any situation that confronts us. 
Look at how our community has rallied making masks, delivering food and water, innovating PPE and supporting our businesses and health care workers in every way possible. 
Take a look at the PALCUS #PortugueseHeroes and #SupportPortugueseBusiness posts and #SupportOurElders program to see how we are pulling together as a community.

Make Portuguese Count is about more than counting how many Portuguese we are. It is about our very identity as a community and how we will chart our course for the next 10 years and beyond. It has given us a way to show our solidarity in all the many ways that we contribute positively to society and how many ways there truly are to  "Make Portuguese Count" every day.

Thank you to every Captain, Volunteer, Affiliated Organization, Sponsor, Donor, Media Partner, the PALCUS National Complete Count Committee, the PALCUS Board of Directors and Membership but most of all, YOU, for continuing to support PALCUS and Make Portuguese Count™ during this challenging time.

Please stay safe and well. Força!

With warmest regards,

Follow us for the most timely information on:
Facebook @Make Portuguese Count
Instagram: @makeportuguesecount
Twitter: @MakePortuguese
Questions?  Contact me, Marie Fraley at or 202-466-4664.

News from the U.S. Census Bureau
2020 Census Deadlines Extended!

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the U.S. Census Bureau sought and was able to obtain statutory relief in the extension of deadlines for 2020 operations as follows:
  • June 1: Census Bureau field offices will begin hiring and training field staff.
  • August 11: Census Bureau field staff will begin in-person visits to all households that have not yet responded.
  • October 31: The last day to respond to the census via phone, online, mail, or in-person interviews

Did you forget to write "Portuguese" when you completed your 2020 Census form?

No worries!  You get a "Do Over"!
Here's what you do.......

  • Select  "I do not have a code" and type in the address where you are living (includes dormitories, nursing homes and assisted living facilities)
  • Answer all questions for each and every person living in your household
  • Remember to write "Portuguese" on the Race/Origin question.
  • Call 844-330-2020 (English) or 844-474-2020 (em Português)
  • Say you do not have a code (No need to explain)
  • Answer all questions for each and every person living in your household
  • Remember to say "Portuguese" on the Race/Origin question.
(As advised by the New York Regional District Director of the U.S. Census Bureau)
Progress Report: Who's "IN THE BLUE"?
79,000,000 households have already responded to date! (4/26/2020)
53.4% (Total Online, Phone, Mail)    45.3% (Online only)

BLUE States are those where 50% or more have self-responded
Keep up the great work!  Help us #MakePortugueseCount

Minnesota 64.0%
Iowa 61.2%
Wisconsin 60.8%
Nebraska 60.7%
Michigan 60.0%
*Washington State 58.8%
Utah 58.7%
Kansas 58.7%
Illinois 58.4%
*Virginia 58.8%
Ohio 57.7% Indiana 57.6%
Colorado 57.4% Maryland 56.6%
*Idaho 56.6%
Kentucky 56.4%
*Oregon 56.2%
*Connecticut 56.2%
*Massachusetts 55.1% *New Jersey 54.9% *Pennsylvania 54.8%
*California 54.8%
Missouri 54.3% South Dakota 54.1%
North Dakota 53.8%
*Nevada 53.3%
Tennessee 52.5%
*New Hampshire 52.0%
Alabama 51.7%
*Florida 51.2%
*Rhode Island 51.0%
Delaware 50.9%
*Arizona 50.9%
District of Columbia 50.3% Georgia 50.1%
* Make Portuguese Count States

What's New?  Now 3 Ways to Self-Respond!
Have you responded yet to the 2020 Census?
It's easy and quick!  
Do it today yourself to avoid a home visit by a Census Taker.

#1 ONLINE on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

  • Enter the code included in your letter OR if you do not have a code select  "I do not have a code" and type in the address where you are living (includes dormitories, nursing homes and assisted living facilities)
  • Answer all questions for each and every person living in your household
  • Remember to write "Portuguese" on the Race/Origin question.
There are 13 language options on the bottom of the screen. Click on "Português"
to answer the form in the Portuguese language. (Circled in red above.)

Those living in "Group Quarters" such as college dormitories, nursing homes or assisted living facilities, prisons, etc. do not complete the Census at their usual home address.  
Students living in college dormitories are urged to self-respond online so they can identify themselves as "Portuguese" on the Race/Origin question even if the administration has completed a mass questionnaire. You can and should self-respond to count as Portuguese since they will not be able to share that information.
Elderly living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities: families are urged to self-respond for them using the address of the facility in order to identify them as "Portuguese" on the Race/Origin question. Do this even if administration has completed a mass questionnaire. 
(As advised by the New York Regional District Director of the U.S. Census Bureau)
#2 On the PHONE in English or Portuguese

844-330-2020 (English)
844-474-2020 (em Português)
  • 7 Days per Week
  • 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m.
  • Remember to say "Portuguese" for origins for everyone in your household
#3: On Paper by Mail

If you did not respond online or by phone by April 1st, you should have received a paper form in the mail. 
  • Fill it out for everyone living in your household
  • No stamp needed
  • Remember to write "Portuguese" for each person of Portuguese descent living in your house
NOTE: You STILL have the option to respond online or by phone if you wish.  
How to write "Portuguese" on the 2020 Census
There are many ways to identify as "Portuguese" on the Race/Origin Question. There is NO wrong answer!

  • Check off as many races as applies to the individual
  • Write/type "Portuguese" under any race ("White" is not the only option)
  • Write/type up to 6 ancestries with which the individual identifies
  • Online format will accommodate up to 200 characters for "origin"
  • Written paper form will accept written origins anywhere within, under, above or in the margins of the answer field.
  • Wrtie/type "Portuguese" for each and every individual in the household who identifies as such.
NOTE: This is SELF-IDENTIFICATION only.  No documentation (passport, birth certificate, DNA results) needed.  Portuguese refers to ancestry regardless of place of birth. Portuguese will be counted regardless of the race indicated.

"Ambassador Message": Maria Lawton - The Azorean Green Bean
As part of its media outreach, the MPC Campaign will be producing a number of "Ambassador Messages" featuring nationally known trusted voices in the community.

The next is brought to you by Maria Lawton, TV Cook and Cookbook Author,  who wants you to know that her daughters and granddaughter, who were all born in the United States, also count as Portuguese!  Thank you, Maria!

MPC - Ambassadors - Maria Lawton
MPC Ambassador - Maria Lawton

Maria Lawton, born in the Azores, is the author of "Azorean Cooking; From My Family Table to Yours" (2015) as well as creator and host of the PBS televised Azorean cooking show and travelogue "Maria's Portuguese Table" (2019).
Media Support
The Media Blitz Continues!

Portuguese language media outlets, both locally and internationally, has been publishing "Ambassador PSAs," interviews and ads to publicize the message to all who may not have been reached during our grassroots campaign.
In addition to over 55 interviews and promos that have taken place to date, the media plan includes cable TV, radio, and outline/print newspapers and magazines.

Many thanks to our media partners for your support!
Tribuna Portuguesa
About Make Portuguese Count™
What is Make Portuguese Count™ about?

PALCUS has launched a national campaign to encourage the participation of Portuguese-Americans in the 2020 U.S. Census under the tagline Make Portuguese Count™.  
The objective is to obtain a "complete count" of all U.S. residents of Portuguese ancestry by writing "Portuguese" on the Race/Origin question of the 2020 Census.

Why is this so important?
  • $675 BILLION in funding for schools, public safety and roads, highways and bridges in the communities where Portuguese live is determined by population;
  • Businesses decide where to set up their headquarters and outlets based on U.S. Census data which means jobs where we live;
  • Congressional districts and the number of seats are determined by population.
Why is this so important for the Portuguese?
  • Our strength is in numbers but the Portuguese were counted as "Zero" in the 2010 Census, in fact the Portuguese have not had a complete count in over 20 years!
  • Without data, we cannot make a case for:
    • Portuguese Language Education in public schools,
    • Grants for Social Services and Health Studies about the Portuguese;
    • Our political strength with our elected officials.
We only count if we are counted!
PALCUS National Complete Count Committee

PALCUS has been working with U.S. Census Bureau to establish the first national Complete Count Committee in the history of the bureau. This campaign has the full support of the U.S. Census Bureau through its Partnership Coordinator Ronald E. Brown.  

Ordinarily, Complete Count Committees are formed within states and municipalities with the oversight of each of the Census Bureau's six district offices. Because of its national reach, PALCUS has been invited by the Bureau to form this national CCC to appeal to Portuguese-Americans from coast to coast to ensure that each resident of the United States who identifies as Portuguese origin is counted.
  • Marie R. Fraley, National Campaign Director - Chair
  • Paula de Brito Cohen, U.S. Representative, Marketaccess-Portugal (DC)
  • Paul do Forno, Managing Director, Deloitte Digital (OH)
  • Helena da Silva Hughes, Executive Director, Immigrants' Assistance Center(MA)
  • Lee Neves, Owner and Principal, CrossCurrents LLC (CA)
  • Silvia Oliveira, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director, Institute for Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies at Rhode Island College (RI)
  • David Rocha, Media-Marketing Specialist, UC-Berkeley '19 (CA)
  • Dulce Soares Scott, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, Anderson University (IN)
  • Angela Costa Simões, PALCUS Chair/Founder, Red Roof Industries (CA)
  • Katherine Soares, PALCUS Vice-Chair/Public Information Officer, County of Union, New Jersey (NJ)
Campaign Special Partners and Support
The PALCUS Make Portuguese Count™ Campaign recognizes the generous financial and in-kind support of the following:

. Make Portuguese Count™ logo, branding and video productions are the work of 
LUNAER Media and Consulting, LLC
João Francisco
Chief Executive Officer
New York City

The Institute for Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies at  Rhode Island College is the official translator of Make Portuguese Count™ bilingual materials.
Silvia Oliveira, Ph.D.,  Director
and Associate Professor of Portuguese Studies, Department of Modern Languages

Meet our Captains!
The Make Portuguese Count™ Campaign  would not be possible without the tireless work  of the 77 Area Captains who are the "boots on the ground" and  at the heart of this campaign. 
The Captains are the "trusted voices" in their own communities that are making it all happen.  Thanks is not enough for their contribution of time, talent and yes, treasure. Obrigada!

To view all Captains in their respective territories,
Affililiated Organizations

PALCUS is pleased to announce that there are now 234 civic, social, faith-based and academic groups signed on as Affiliated Organizations in the Make Portuguese Count™ Campaign.
View the complete list HERE

Thank you all for joining with us and working as our partners by hosting events and allowing us to spread the word to your members and their families and friends.
It is these organizations that are the backbone and the anchor of our community manifesting pride in our heritage and promoting our language and traditions.

It is not too late to join with us. We will be happy to provide information and support and we accomplish the final phase of the campaign to ensure that all Portuguese are counted in the 2020 Census.
Why do we ask for registration?
1) To secure your permission for working with us and to share your link;
2) To verify your correct contact information to send campaign materials;
3) To keep you updated on all current census information.

Questions?   Contact Marie Fraley at or call 202-466-4664.

View the Make Portuguese Count™ promotional video HERE.

Visit our Facebook Page  @MakePortugueseCount

MPC in the Classroom and Faith-based Outreach
Teachers of Portuguese and local Portuguese faith-based groups are working to spread the word to Make Portuguese Count™ in their communities!
Make Portuguese Count in the Portuguese Classroom goes virtual!
Teachers of Portuguese can access lesson plans in Portuguese now to use in online lessons to teach about the U.S. Census and send the message home to their families to write "Portuguese" on the Race/Origin Question
Visit for more information: 
Faith-based Outreach
Area Captains are working with local parishes to inform parishioners about how to Make Portuguese Count in the 2020 Census..

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 precautions, faith-based outreach activities at parish churches and houses of workshop are suspended until further notice.
Are you a PALCUS member yet?  
We are stronger together!

I f you agree with the work undertaken by PALCUS to build the social, cultural and political capital of our community, then please join us and become a member today!

Strong membership participation means a stronger voice in the national Portuguese-American agenda. In order to advance Portuguese language education, increase presence in the congressional caucuses, and provide economic opportunities, the collective voice of thousands is needed!  

In addition, PALCUS is a member-driven non-profit organization that depends on membership dues and fundraising events to fund its operations.  Members of the all-volunteer board of directors donate their time and personal funds for travel, lodging and tickets to attend networking events and planning sessions so our administrative costs are relatively low but nonetheless critical to doing business on a daily basis.

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LUSUS Newsletter Archive

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PALCUS Mission

In order to create a singular voice to advocate  for the Portuguese-American and Luso-American communities at large, the Portuguese-American Leadership Council of the United States Inc. (PALCUS) was founded in 1991 as a non-partisan, non-profit, organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. 
The PALCUS mission is to address domestic and international concerns of the Portuguese-American Community.
The Council conducts an expanding program of educational and public affairs activities on issues of interest to the Portuguese-American community and of salience to the Luso-American Relationship.
PALCUS is committed to serving the community through increasingly active government relations efforts, the promotion of a greater awareness of ethnic accomplishments and encouraging stronger ties between Portugal and the United States. In this role PALCUS advances the community professionally, politically and culturally while working to ensure that issues directly affecting our community are addressed through our network of government and community leaders.

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