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Recently we shared an ask the expert column on Racking courtesy of Johnston Equipment, a MSA COR certified member. As a follow up we have three more items we wanted to share with you:

Are pallets allowed to overhang the racking beams?

Yes, overhang is actually far better/safer than no overhang. Pallet racking depth is a very important part of all pallet-racking systems. You want to choose a depth that allows for 3” of overhang on both the front and the back of your pallet on the pallet racking. A common pallet size is 40”w x 48”d, which would require a pallet racking depth of 42”.


Do I require safety bars or wire mesh deck for my pallet racking?

CSA Code requires that all pallet racking have either safety bars or wire mesh decks installed. This is to help reduce the risk of a pallet being set down improperly on the racking by adding support channels to take on some of the weight of the load.


Is my pallet racking still safe if I have hit it with a forklift?

Anytime you are unsure of the integrity of your pallet racking, it is best to call in an expert to have a look. In some cases, the damage is minimal enough that it will not affect the integrity or a small component may just need to be changed out. It is important to remember that even small dings and dents can have a massive impact on the strength of the racking.

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OHC Level 1 Training Course July 20th

There is still time to register and take advantage of our no fee live virtual training course occurring this week on July 20th. This Level 1 training course is required for all Occupational Health Committee (OHC) co-chairs and is an excellent refresher for seasoned OHC members. To learn more or register click below:


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Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment is unacceptable and we can all play a role in preventing it in the workplace by understanding what harassment is and how to report it.

The Saskatchewan Employment Act provides protection from harassment for workers, volunteers, independent and dependent contractors and secondary and post-secondary students working for or being trained by an employer.

There are three types of harassment defined in the Act. Check out the videos that depict each of the following types of harassment:


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Where Are We Going?

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Ryan J. Bast, CRSP

Programs Services Manager