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Well, it does not feel like April up here in Minnesota. There have been double digit snowfalls, ice covered roads, and below zero wind chill temperatures. Enough is enough. It has been very depressing, but it looks like there is hope in sight.

March saw prices coming down more than going up with Amino Acids being quite competitive. It will be interesting what the second quarter will bring. Opinions for the quarter vary right now. I have heard different things as far as pricing and availability. Up/down, short/long are what I have been hearing from vendors and customers. There are so many factors right now that can affect things, it is hard to get a true read on it. I do feel good on availability though.

PALS will be at PEAK, formerly MPF, in Minneapolis next week. If you are there, please stop by our booth. We have nine people going. We are hoping for a good show. AI has held off, but there has been a confirmed case in Minnesota. Hopefully, the snow will keep the insects and rodents from moving in and out of the barns while the migration continues.
·       Methionine and Biolys prices down.
·       Import Tryptophan up.
·       LTL Freight costs still high
Have a good month,
Pricing in graphs reflect our highest retail price. We carry multiple brands of amino acids. Full pallet, truckload, customer pickup and other factors may reduce your purchase price.
03.23 Tryptophan
03.23 Methionine
03.23 Biolys
03.23 Copper
03.23 Threonine
03.23 Lysine
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Did you know?   Willmar Poultry started PALS in 1955 to reduce their costs and assist local turkey growers.    Over time, the manufacturing similarities of poultry and hog equipment brought PALS into the hog business. So much in fact, that today PALS business is 65% hog related.  
 PALS sells primarily 3 things: animal health products, animal agriculture equipment, and building & repair services. 
Animal Health:
Feed ingredients: While we supply several smaller mills, we have found we are a good secondary supplier for other distributors, mills and farms.  

Disinfectants / Cleaners / Water line cleaners / Antibiotics / Water Solubles / Insecticides / Rodenticides / Litter Treatments

Our largest volume is in the hog industry.  Followed by turkey & chicken.   We
sell some cattle and dairy equipment; mostly feed lines and fans.   
(We are actively trying to build this category) 

Our in house teams work in all service areas. We work closely with several subcontractors
on installation and service work.    
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We run route trucks 5 days a week. We also utilize direct shipping. It can be one box, pallets, or full truckloads.
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