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WEBINAR: Managing Coccidiosis without Antibiotics:
What Have We Learned?
Coccidiosis is a complex, formidable challenge for poultry production worldwide. Historically, the disease has been managed with anticoccidial chemical drugs and ionophore antibiotics. Industry trends have created a renewed focus on sustaining the efficacy of current available anticoccidials. For antibiotic free (ABF) systems that limit or prohibit administration of ionophores and/or antibiotics, identifying new strategies to help control this ubiquitous disease is crucial to an operations bottom-line. In recent years, coccidiosis vaccination programs and use of alternative feed ingredients have increasingly become crucial management practices for this industry segment. Understanding the nuances of these strategies is critical to an operation’s success or failure.
TIME:  DATE:  Friday, September 24
10 a.m. CDT (Chicago)
4 p.m. BST (London)
11 p.m. CST (Beijing)
Think of the ways feed is wasted when using starter trays. And the time and money you spend to use and clean them. Click to learn about brooding without trays.
Three keys to controlling pathogens in poultry litter
Growers can manipulate litter temperature, moisture an pH levels to maximize flock health and performance. Austin Alonzo
Showcasing the next frontier for industry, technology and venture capital, this unique executive-level event presents new research of technologies with potential to be commercialized within a 5-year period. Ranging from artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, sensors, virtual reality, vaccines and more to improve outcomes for poultry companies in all aspects of production from farm through the processing plant. 
LTL Freight has had some delays. We have noticed some deliveries are being made a week to ten days after product is shipped.

In an article in the Independent, "Demand for truck drivers rising with increasing freight. Pandemic didn't cause driver shortage, but it brought issues to a head, trucking companies say." "While a shortage of truck drivers wasn't a new problem...things came to a head over the past year, as COVID-19 pandemic had changing effect on production lines and the need for freight haulers." The article also states, "the pandemic has had an impact on shipping and distribution."

Sharing this information with you as we have seen shipments that have been sent, not getting delivered as soon as they used to be. If needed order ahead and expect some delays.

Thank you for your patience!
Examining the nutritional value of methionine by Jackie Roembke
Evonik offers recommendations for accurately measuring the nutritional value of the methionine sources available.
US poultry and egg exports on pace for record year
Exports of US chicken, turkey and shell eggs surged in first half.
New Product Release from Val-Co
VAL-CO Introduces ClearFlow Chain Disk Corners
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