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  seismic Compact - Luxurious - Delivers

The Seismic 110 delivers reliable bass to 18 Hz yet it is just larger than the woofer it houses! It's totally unique build is what makes it such a powerhouse despite it's compact enclosure!

Unique Two-Part Cone Construction. 
The low-profile cone geometry is achieved through a two-part construction. Using the principle of triangulation to lend maximum strength to a compact form factor, the cone is built in two sections: A support cone with I-beam cross-sectional support arms locks the flat outer cone to the voice-coil. The surround is then over-molded to the outer edge which becomes an area of high strength when bonded to the outer cone.

Extreme Long-Winding-Width Voice Coils 
With almost 5 inches of voice coil, the motor of the Seismic 100 allow a massive 2˝ of extremely linear excursion with vanishing low levels of distortion. Combined with the ART surround, deep bass is fully realized with impact. Do not put your hands near the woofer during operation - you might get bumped!

Add 18 Hz capability and ARC [Anthem Room Correction] & you are there!

The New Motion 2i, 4i, 6i, & 8i 

The MartinLogan Motion speakers are known for their super fast ESL-like Folded Motion tweeters giving them the speed of their larger ESL brothers but with an affordable high end tweeter design rivaling any comers at the price range! 

As MartinLogan is always improving their product, the new 2i/4i/6i/8i speakers have received an aesthetic update to match aesthetics with the other products in the Motion series. The design refinements include sharper radius edges, removable grilles, and a more convenient binding post design. The new Motion 2i  is physically smaller than its predecessor allowing more flexibility in placement. 

The new Motion 2i/4i/6i/8i speakers match the exceptional performance of the original Motion speakers and maintain the same woofers, Folded Motion tweeter technology, and crossover topology of the original models. Motion 2i and 6i now feature the tweeter found in the popular Crescendo X and Bravado models and both of these models now retail for $20 less than the previous generation. Remarkably and despite the improvements in the design, the Motion 4i and 6i retain the same prices as the original models were introduced seven years ago. 

No other $25,000 speaker has impacted the industry like this one!  

The Renaissance ESL 15A with its 15-inch wide Curvilinear Line Source XStat electrostatic panel and the robust double 12" woofer amplified and room corrected bass section, is a remarkable reflection of the years of design and engineering effort that went into developing this loudspeaker. From the bottom to the top - this is a new Masterpiece. 

Bringing Up The Bottom End With A Two-Punch Design
The Renaissance ESL 15A's dual 500-watt Class-D amplifiers power two 12-inch laser-engineered low-distortion aluminum cone woofers are housed in separate sealed chambers. Their response is controlled by a 24-Bit Vojtko DSP Engine combined with ARC (Anthem Room Correction). The result is staggering. Deep wondrous  bass combined with articulate speed track every note and sound in the source accurately and respond as if the room wasn't there! PoweredForce Forward bass alignment technology controls the interaction between the rear-firing woofer and the wall behind the rear woofer. Employing smart phase-shifting logic, MartinLogan engineers have minimized the effect the rear wall has on bass information that might otherwise bounce back into the listening room and deliver the bass as one forward wave launch.

Ultra-Rigid AirFrame Blade Design
Renaissance ESL 15A XStat panels are joined to the speaker cabinets with AirFrame Blades which are precisely manufactured from aerospace-grade extruded aluminum alloy. This tough material makes the panels extremely rigid.  It's design never obstructs the panels surface area or interferes with the dipole sound radiation. It allows complete electrical and acoustical isolation while reducing IM distortion that would be caused by vibration and resonance. 

Reviewers Love The Renaissance ESL 15A
  • Jon Iverson of Stereophile said, :Yes, I've drunk the Kool-Aid for years. But even though I'm pre-primed to like electrostatic-panel speakers, I'd never found a one-stop solution I could live with. Now that a MartinLogan active subwoofer endowed with ARC-2 has been successfully mated to an XStat panel, anyone serious about big, full, accurate sound reproduction can start here. Unconditionally recommended."
  • Jonathan Valin of the Absolute Sound reported "The ESL 15A was downright terrific-far and away the best sound I'd heard at AXPONA up to that point."
Dealers and their clients are finding a new reference loudspeaker that all comers must be judged by. The Renaissance ESL 15A is a Masterpiece [pun intended]!

Anthem Trade-up 
Extended and Improved!

May 1 - to July 15th, 2017 
Now includes AVM 60

Your client can now trade-up to the Anthem AVM60 preamplifier/processor as well as the MRX receiver series and amplifiers [only the STR is excluded]. 

stealth Stealth Acoustics
Patio Theater Solution

Patio Theater Install In Newton MA
Patio Theater Install In Newton MA

Stealth Acoustics works very closely with their dealers and the dealer's clients to deliver an unsurpassed outdoor video solution with Patio Theater.   This Newton MA installation  of a custom motorized 130 inch display Stealth Patio Theater, incorporates a fully-hidden underground vault enclosure and specialized lifting mechanism. The lift system is designed to extend the display well above the floor to maintain an optimal viewing height. The Patio Theater display is oriented to be viewed from the adjacent large swimming pool and surrounding pool deck.

Venice FL installation
Venice FL installation

In Florida, your clients spend time out of doors. The homeowners had invested heavily in a nicely appointed, screen protected, outdoor pool and spa area. The goal of this project was to enhance their entertainment options with a unique large scale viewing experience while minimally expanding the protection screen or impacting the aesthetics of the area. In order to achieve the optimal viewing angle from the pool or spa and take advantage of the built-in Stealth Acoustics surround sound speaker system, the screen cabinet was partially recessed in a specially constructed vault. Access to the rear of the screen cabinet for service was provided by the below grade concrete vault via removable deck panels, which were trimmed out nicely to fit the screen enclosure.

You Likely Have A Client For Patio Theater

Stealth Acoustics is ready to work with your client's desires. Their Patio Theater is available with many customized features from 2-channel audio to multi-channel with subwoofers all in weatherized chassis. Take a visit to the Stealth Acoustics website and read more!

One of the most often asked questions about power is, "What goes first using all of this power stuff?" I am sometimes amazed that there isn't clarity from company to company on what goes first and so on in the power chain. The line of power defence and control is pretty simple when you break it down by these parameters: Surge, Uninterruptible Power, Remote Power On/Off Control, and connected Power Outlets.

Surge - Close The Front Door Without Contaminating Ground
Note: The Surge Eliminator Always Goes First in the power chain! There are two kinds of Surge devices out there... Surge Protectors and Surge Eliminators. Only one brand makes Surge Elimination devices - SurgeX. Their patented system [ ASM - Advanced Series Mode] completely eliminates the possibility of electrical surges. Their unique UL rating stating that they can take 1000 surges of 6000 volts/3000 amperes in a row proves their worth as the first line of defence from electrical surges. Their extra value becomes known when symptomatic issues from MOV based ground contaminating devices are replaced with an elimination of all ground contamination and they are used deeper into the system past the point of entry for surge activity. When the ground contamination is eliminated, the constant need for re-boots goes away and so do the other lock-ups that plague control systems, microprocessor based sources and other devices.  

Uninterruptible Power - UPS
The UPS plugs into the surge eliminator. Many UPS devices are available but knowledge about how they work makes some inadequate for many integrator system designs. There are two basic kinds - Line Interactive and On Line. Line Interactive models respond to a power outage by switching on when the power goes out. These models create issues when used in our type of power requirements since devices respond so quickly to power issues. As an example a projector depends on power to light but also to fan cool the sensitive lamp inside. When the power glitches off, the projector shuts off before a line interactive UPS can respond and the lamp is sacrificed by not cooling properly at shutdown. An Online UPS is always running on battery so it would already be running in this example and save the projector. A well designed control system might employ features that would sense the power going out and in a specified amount of time shut down the projector and do so within the runtime range of the UPS. The SurgeX OL UPS units range from 1000 VA to 15 KVA assuring you have one for every need you might encounter. 

Note: A popular UPS Myth is that they are surge protectors because you are running on batteries. Sorry - not true. You need to plug the UPS into a Surge Eliminator to prevent surges from harming them or devices connected to them. You can read more here.

Power Distribution and Power Control
Note: The Power Distribution and Power Control plug into the Surge Elimination Devices unless you are using the SEQ's by SurgeX. There are a variety of devices to distribute power. These range from the outlets on Surge devices to the strips you may use to place power where you need it. These range from as simple as the ones found at the local hardware store to ones specifically designed for rack use typically $40 and up. 

A few nice features are available for use in these system designs. 
COUVS, ICE, and power sequencing are several that are available from SurgeX. Fortunately - they are all Surge Eliminators and can be placed at the beginning of the Power Chain and provide both their functions and Surge Eliminate as well.
  • COUVS is an acronym for "Catastrophic over/under Voltage Shutdown". COUVS is reliable fast-acting circuitry that turns off within a half-cycle of an over-voltage event. It will not false trigger on transients and automatically restores power when line voltage has returned to normal. With its factory settings it will shut off the power at 140 volts and restore it at 130 and also at a sag below 80 volts and restore it at 90 volts. Sensitive equipment are protected from harmful over voltage situations as well as brownout power.
  • ICE is an acronym for "Inrush Current Elimination" and solves problems typically encountered when powering-up large power amplifiers and multicomponent systems. It smoothes out inrush current spikes to prevent blown circuits, and eliminates the need for expensive time-delay circuit breakers. ICE allows a perfect solution for power glitches in racks where a sequencer might normally power up items in a sequence but when a power glitch happens the sequencing doesn't take place. The full load of the rack might trip the breaker during this event, but ICE would fully prevent this from happening and prevent difficult power situations such as a tripped breaker from making you roll a truck to a client's house.
  • Power Sequencing - SurgeX SEQ models give the ability to control and deliver sequencing parameters, conditioning, shutdown thresholds, and surge protection needed to safeguard audio, video, distribution, and control systems. These units have enhanced management features and are extremely easy to install, program, and use.
Other Power Devices
Rebooting - Many other devices play into the power requirements of good system designs. Obviously requirements rebooting devices are significantly reduced with SurgeX as the surge eliminator and eliminating the ground contamination however, on occasion, reboots are necessary for many devices to remain connected to networks and the like. Often ISP's are the culprit - sometimes - the devices themselves. Access Elite by SurgeX is one solution that is very powerful. Others are available from suppliers like Snap or Panamax/Furman and with SurgeX at the head end of the system, they will not be able to contaminate ground so they can be safely used.

Preventing Brown Out
One very cool product from SurgeX is their Sag Eliminators. They can power up an entire rack and handle the browning of the power when it is the kind of sag that doesn't require the UPS. They work using a bank of charged capacitors that gate power as needed to assure 120V at the rated amperage. The SE-20 is a 20 amp version. Also - no battery required for preventing the sags!

peachtree Peachtree Audio nova300
Have You Ever Been Experienced?
Digital Audio With Maximum Performance In Gloss Ebony Mocha Or Piano Black

If you haven't sat down to listen to this remarkable product, you are missing a major step in performance and value for your clients! 

You can have your clients enjoy 16/44.1K audio from their i-device's lightning connector, or stream your favorite stream at high resolution to it, or spin up your favorite LP on your turntable and you will listen in astonishment to the best digital performance around! 

You cannot appreciate the performance without the experience so ring up PAMrep and give it a listen! 

Reduced Dynamics Because Of Background Noise
Power from the wall can be very noisey. Unfortunately, the power noise finds its way into our client's gear and then gets subsequently amplified and played to our ears. This is typically noticed as a reduced dynamic effect. Speakers become constrained dynamically and things never go completely quiet - sort of like gray instead of black in a photograph. Video loses black level. What can we do with this?

MIT to the rescue!
Bruce Brissom of MIT Cables spent years researching how to trap noise. MIT uses patented parallel "AC Filterpoles"; a tuned LCR technology. MIT Filterpole technology eliminates reflected energy by efficiently attracting all forms of AC noise from the mains and discharging it to ground, converting it into harmless thermal heat. Unlike the common series filter, MIT uses parallel tuned filters operating over the widest frequency range, engineered to remove noise from any 50-60 Hz AC power line. MIT parallel filtering  will not limit dynamics, or reflect noise back at the source (amp, etc.).

What Are The Benefits Of AC Filterpole Technology?
  • Elimination of common mode and differential mode noise: 
    • For video: reduced noise results in improved black levels & color saturation, and improves overall realism and depth. 
    • For audio: improved dimensionality, better detail and improved dynamic contrast.
MIT Manufactures Multiple Solutions - ordered by pricing
  • MIT Z Powerbar - Adds Power Factor correction: reduces transmission losses and improves voltage regulation 
  • Oracle Z-Cord Reference - features proprietary hand-wound cable in addition to embedded parallel tuned filter poles.
  • SL-Matrix Z-Cord 6fphigh quality power cord and 6 patented parallel AC Filterpoles
  • SL Z-Cord 3fpcombination of a high quality power cord and 3 patented parallel AC Filterpoles
  • MIT Z Duplex SuperSix patented, parallel tuned filters built into a hospital grade 20 amp duplex outlet
  • MIT Z Duplex - Three patented, parallel tuned filters built into a 15 amp duplex outlet
  • Z Plug 3 - Three Filter poles optimized for AC RFI noise reduction you simply plug into an unused outlet in your system wiring.

The Absolute Sound - Bruce Brisson Interview by Robert Harley

MIT Founder Bruce Brisson talks  with The Absolute Sound's Robert Harley about his research into cables and power technologies. 

Read the entire interview here!

A trade in gets your client 20% off on one pair of Stylus or Rocks or more than one pair. They can get 20% off on Garden Oasis too with a minimum of any 4 satellites, 4 spikes and one sub [not the Crown amp]. 

Trade-Up now!
Motion40MartinLogan  Motion 40 Review!

Francisco Licon loved the MartinLogan Motion 40 in his recent review on 

"The MartinLogan Motion 40 is a luxury product for a modest price having a strong musical voice to go with a beautiful, well-made cabinet."

"Consider that the MartinLogan Motion 40 is in a competitive price point. I know that there are many, very good speakers in the $2000.00 a pair range. However, the MartinLogan Motion 40 speakers offer superb construction and cabinetry for the price. In addition, the MartinLogan's have superior drivers and technology. The result is a speaker that belongs on a short list for prospective buyers. ". 

MartinLogan Outdoor Living Series - Enjoy Their Best Outdoor System!
MartinLogan Outdoor Living Series - Enjoy Their Best Outdoor System!

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