Summer 2021
Dear colleague,

Are you looking for ways to speed up the claims process? My team and I are focused on helping you quickly and accurately submit claims and receive payment.  

We know your patients can’t wait for treatment, so we provide all the information you need to request reimbursement in your patient’s approval letter. On average, we receive claims within one day of enrollment in a PAN program. 

We have several resources to simplify the claims process: 

  • Billing guides that explain how to bill PAN and follow up on denied payments.

  • Provider portal where you can apply for grants, submit claims, and check information like grant balances and eligibility dates. 

Whether you have a quick question or need hands-on support with an escalation, our dedicated claims team would be happy to connect with you and your billing or accounts receivables teams.  

Do you have questions for us or any concerns? Submit them here, and we’ll respond to you directly.  
Ayesha Azam
Vice President of Medical Affairs
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What is the first PAN resource you check when you have a question about claims?
Billing guide
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Website FAQs
We’re taking suggestions for new resources! If you have ideas on how we can support you during the claims process, submit them here.
Program updates
New funds: Von Willebrand disease and schizophrenia
We recently opened two new assistance programs. Will you help us spread the word? Feel free to forward the links below to colleagues who care for patients in need. 
New medications covered
We’ve added several medications to our formulary in the last few months. Review the full list here.  
Support beyond co-pay assistance
ICYMI: Introduction to financial assistance webinar
Last month, we announced a new webinar series to help healthcare professionals find and maximize charitable assistance.

We hosted the first webinar on June 22 and welcomed nearly 300 attendees. Guest experts Dan Sherman, Founder and President of the NaVectis Group, and Lori Schneider, Oncology Operations Manager at Green Bay Oncology shared foundational knowledge and key information on patient assistance.

If you missed the live event, we encourage you to watch the free recording.

We hope to see you at the next webinar in the series! Look out for an invitation in just a few weeks.
Reminder: PAN's transportation benefit
Did you know we offer a $500 transportation benefit for patients currently enrolled in a co-pay or premium disease fund at PAN?

Patients must apply directly for this program, but you can use our eligibility checker to send a pre-filled email with information on applying. Alert your patients now. 
Advocate to eliminate vaccine co-pays
Despite nationwide efforts to ensure equitable COVID-19 vaccine access, Medicare patients still face access and affordability challenges for other essential vaccines like shingles and tetanus.

That’s why we’re advocating for Congress to eliminate costs for vaccines covered by Mediate Part D—and inviting you to get involved.

In one click, you can join our new grassroots advocacy campaign and stand up for seniors’ vaccine access.
Provider toolbox
A note from Audrey
Sometimes financial support alone is not enough. We know patients often need other types of assistance, such as peer support or case management, which may be outside your clinic's scope.

FundFinder, our patient assistance app, now features a directory of more than 150 patient advocacy organizations that provide dedicated patient services including helplines, peer counseling, disease-specific education, and more.

Next time your patients needs help beyond co-pay assistance, consider using Fundfinder to quickly identify available resources for a specific disease state.

You can also use FundFinder to take the manual work out of monitoring the status of disease funds across different charitable patient assistance foundations.

When you sign up for the free app, you will receive notifications by email or text message when a fund you follow opens at any of the nine charitable foundations. FundFinder can help you manage your workload and quickly secure funding for another year.

As your point of contact, I am here to support you and answer any questions. You may reach me at As always, thank you for all that you do for your patients.

Audrey Quartey 
Senior Manager of Provider Relations
Portal Pros: How to effectively use the PAN portals to manage your patients
If you use our portal, it’s essential to link all your patients to your account

This ensures you have access to pertinent grant information, including:

  • Claims processing details 
  • Correspondence letters, including welcome letters 
  • Patient account balance, eligibility dates, and grant status 
  • Disease fund wait list applications 
  • Enrollment, renewal, and second grant options  

To link one or multiple patients: 

  1. Log in to your portal account.  
  2. Select compose under the messaging tab in the top navigation.  
  3. Check the box for “patient not enrolled” and complete all required fields.  
  4. Type the full name and date of birth for each patient in the message field. If you have their PAN ID(s) please include that as well.  
  5. Hit send to submit the request.  

We will complete the request within 1 to 2 business days, or you may call us for immediate assistance.
Claims Corner: Submitting claims after the grant period
Still wondering if you can submit claims to PAN after your patients’ eligibility period is over?

Not to worry, at the end of a patient’s grant period, you have 60 days to submit any outstanding claims with dates of services that are within the eligibility period.

If extenuating circumstances may prevent you from submitting the claim on time, such as late payments from the insurance company, please get in touch with us using the secure messaging feature in your portal account or call from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET.

To submit your claims, we require two pieces of information: 

  • The HCFA 1500 or UB04 claim form  
  • An Explanation of Benefits to make payment.  

The claim form provides additional data for claims processing and assists in determining reimbursement.

When filling out the claim form, please do not forget to include the diagnosis code for the disease fund, plus the date of service and CPT/J-Code.

We hope this takes the guesswork out of submitting claims after the eligibility end date.
Disease fund wait list tips
Each PAN fund that is closed has a wait list. You can add your patients to a wait list, or they can add themselves.

When funding becomes available for a specific disease fund, individuals on the disease fund wait list will be notified by email.

Here are two tips to help you utilize the wait list:  

  • Before signing up for the disease fund wait list, check the eligibility criteria for the fund, including insurance and income requirements.  
  • Ensure your patients are linked to your portal account so you can easily apply on their behalf when the fund opens. You can link patients to your portal account by sending us a secure message on the portal.  

PAN Voices
Pharmacy technician Marsha Sneller shares difficult choices her patients make every day   
We recently spoke with Marsha Sneller, a lead certified pharmacy technician at the June E. Nylen Cancer Center in Iowa.

What sacrifices are patients making when they can’t afford their medications?  

Patients are sacrificing their own health and mental wellness if they can’t afford their medications. They are sacrificing the time they might have to survive their cancer diagnosis, making them miss time with family and friends.

That is why financial assistance is so important to me. I would never want a patient to be burdened with having to sacrifice something so important in life.

Continue reading our conversation with Marsha to discover her favorite tool for finding financial assistance for her patients.
Share your passion for helping patients
Your dedication to serving patients is inspiring, and we want to do more to uplift your critical work.

If you’re comfortable sharing your work publicly, please fill out this form and share your perspective about your work and the healthcare affordability crisis.

We will feature your responses in a future newsletter, on social media, and on our website.
On the line with Greg: Meet PAN’s patient and provider representatives 
Meet Greg, a PAN Patient Support Specialist and cancer survivor who understands the importance of medication adherence, even when facing high out-of-pocket costs.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day?  

As a cancer survivor, I understand the importance of continuing your treatment and taking your medication as prescribed. But I also understand everyone is not financially able to do this.

That is why I continue to come to work with a smile on my face and in my heart—so that I may make a change in someone’s life.

How do you unwind when you’re not at work?  

I host a biweekly cards party at my home, where I cook, sit back, and enjoy my family and friends.
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