September 2019
In honor of PANDAS-PANS Awareness Day,
The Alex Manfull Memorial Fund, a part of PANDAS Network, a 501(c)(3), has embarked on a PANDAS/PANS awareness campaign and fundraiser.  

We are thrilled to announce that California’s Acquiesce Winery has generously agreed to donate the profits from the sale of a large number of cases of its Gold Medal winning (2018) Picpoul Blanc wine to the Alex Manfull Memorial Fund. Each bottle comes with a card with information about PANDAS and PANS and the story of this project we have called À Table. Learn about our project and its inspiration here. The proceeds will go to support further research about PANDAS and PANS.

The wine may be purchased from Acquiesce Winery directly. Each bottle is $28 a bottle and shipping is just $15 for up to 11 bottles. Shipping is FREE for each case of 12! Ordering is simple.

For more information about the wine and how to purchase it go to the Alex Manfull Wine Acquiece-Wine. (The purchase of the wine from Acquiesce Winery is not a tax-deductible charitable contribution.)

Fundraising during COVID has been severely compromised – Please support this campaign and please share this information! Sincerely, Susan and W.T. Manfull
READ ABOUT THE "TOAST" to awareness campaign which goes through October 9th. Build community worldwide and follow along on

PLEASE FOLLOW this campaign and contribute your own photo "toasting" to the spread of awareness and increased diagnosis and treatment for our youth. "Like" our posts, send a photo of you "toasting" and we will add a personal note and fact about PANDAS/PANS. We are building awareness beyond the PANDAS Community. Send a photo up via Instagram or send to until October 9th Awareness Day! A personal note and a fact about PANDAS/PANS will be added beneath your picture.