PN COVID-19 Experience Survey 2021
PANDAS Network and our Medical Providers want to understand how children and families were affected by COVID-19.
With cities opening up in time for Summer, relatives coming for a visit and schools promising a return to in-person instruction by Fall, many PANDAS/PANS children and their families are excited, while others are timid, to make the inevitable return to normalcy.
For PANDAS/PANS families who’ve experienced the longterm effects of an infectious trigger causing acute physical and mental health symptoms in their children, that return becomes a question of risk versus reward. The fear of getting COVID, or worse, long hauler symptoms, isn’t another battle most of us want to add to our resume.
As we navigate the year ahead, PANDAS Network wants to hear from parents about their experiences during the pandemic. We want to understand how children and families were affected by COVID-19.
Is your family contemplating the vaccine for your children? For those whose children have been vaccinated, what, if any, repercussions or setbacks did they experience? And most importantly, while we realize every child is unique, we want to share data with our doctors, our researchers and you, because knowledge is power and having data to support an informed decision benefits all of us.
We hope you will take a few moments to answer the PN COVID Experience Survey, 2021 that will remain anonymous and be shared with our community this Summer. For those who want answers sooner you will have an opportunity at the end of the survey to request that