PANDAS/PANS Symposium is April 26, 2014 in California!

Dear Friends of PANDAS Network,

We would like to invite you to attend the West Coast PANDAS/PANS Symposium, sponsored by PANDAS Network!    


The 2014 PANDAS/PANS Symposium is different than any other before!   Professional and Parent Breakout Sessions in the afternoon will give groups unique opportunities to focus on their unique needs.

Speaking Physicians include:  Drs. Susan Swedo (NIMH),  Jenny Frankovich (Rheumatology), Melanie Alarcio (Neurology), Margo Thienemann and Eric Fier (Psychiatry), Jamie Candelaria-Greene (Special Education), Amy Smith (Nurse Practitioner, Integrative Medicine), and a Legislative Advocacy Educator.

The Symposium will take place on April 26, 2014 at the Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport - Waterfront in Burlingame, California. Registration is now OPEN. See below for more details.

We look forward to seeing you in California this April!


With Sincere Appreciation,

The PANDAS Network Team



 Symposium Details



Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport - Waterfront in Burlingame, California 



April 26, 2014
A day long event.


$125 Symposium ONLY
$150 Symposium AND Dinner


Register at


 Overview of the Day


The 2014 PANDAS/PANS Symposium is different than any other before! It provides a unique opportunity for parents, educators, and providers to get the information most pertinent to their needs.



Morning Session


Presentations relevant to the entire audience.


Topics featured include: 

Overview & Recent Research

Treating Severe Cases  

Trends in Treatment & Recovery

Lunch Provided

Afternoon Session

For Parents - The afternoon session for parents and care givers will feature "Survival Tools" that focus on the emotional and personal effects of caring for a child with PANDAS and PANS; provide tools on how to help a child dealing with OCD and currently experiencing an exacerbation of symptoms; and share tools for advocacy.
For Educators - Educators will have the option to attend an afternoon workshop that is especially designed for educators, school psychologists, administrators, and other providers who serve student communities. In this seminar, Dr. Candelaria Greene will provide an overview of this often unrecognized autoimmune disorder, and describe its impact on behavior, attention, and cognitive skills. Attendees are then provided with specific recommendations for accommodations, assessments, compensatory strategies, and other supportive services. In order to maintain a smaller "class size", this breakout session is open only to those in school related fields.
For Providers - Providers will have the option to attend a "training session" led by Dr. Susan Swedo, Chief Pediatrics and Developmental Neuroscience Branch at the NIMH, Practitioners will learn first-hand how to identify a PANDAS/PANS child and learn the possible forms of needed treatment. This is an amazing opportunity! In order to maintain a smaller "class size", this breakout session is open only to providers.

Optional Dinner
(additional cost) 

Featured Speakers
  • Dr. Susan Swedo (NIMH) 
  • Dr. Jennifer Frankovich (Rheumatology)
  • Melanie Alarcio (Neurology)
  • Margo Thienemann (Psychiatry)  
  • Eric Fier (Psychiatry)
  • Jamie Candelaria-Greene (Special Education)
  • Amy Smith (Nurse Practitioner, Integrative Medicine)
  • Diana Pohlman, Executive Director, PANDAS Network
  • Sarah Alleman, PANDAS/PANS advocate 
  • Lance Smith, PANDAS/PANS advocate 
Optional Evening Dinner and
Networking Opportunity

After the Symposium, an optional dinner will take place Saturday evening from 6:30-10pm, at the Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport - Waterfront

If interested in attending, choose the Symposium AND Dinner option when registering.

This is a great opportunity to mingle with other parents and a stress-free way to spend your evening.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Contact Amy at to learn the benefits of becoming a Sponsor of the 2014 PANDAS/PANS Symposium.

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