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We all began this journey to find one more voice, one more our own.  Since 2009 we grew from a dozen families to now several thousand - known cases.  Many of us have rescued  our children from a badly broken mental health system, where they could be lost for years. 
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Read the wonderful stories of awareness below --- and this barely scratches the surface of the courage every single family has displayed. 

Awareness Day "Founder" Christine Mitsogiorgakis (Staten Island)

Christine's son suffered from PANDAS misdiagnosis several years ago and she has struggled mightily for care.   She has made national efforts to raise awareness in more ways than can be recounted here.  Christine and Assembly Woman, Nicole Malliotakis, created October 9th Awareness Day in 2013 - where quickly parents had 22 states proclaim the day as well.

Tirelessly raising awareness 
Recently, she presented educational materials at Staten Island University Hospital for   faculty and physicians. She also had a table at a borough health day fare of 1,000 attendees.  Because of this awareness building the local hospitals are discussing HOW to expand care for PANDAS kids.

Health Fair Display

Christine (Right) & Mary Hernandez, Holistic Health Counselor .

The youth of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church with their annual bake sale on behalf of 
Stefanos Mitsogiorgakis 

Board Member, Hayley Flack (Maryland)

At the footsteps of our nation's capital, parents display October 9th Proclamation and fundraise every year for conferences and research.  Dr. Latimer's clinic is in Wash. DC and her group and research efforts impact us all.  You guys ROCK!

Bringin' it to the STATE CAPITAL, 
Emily Willis (Ohio)

Ohio's Dept. of Disability October Newsletter "PipeLine" gave an entire page to PANDAS and it's treatment.  Emily Willis wrote a letter to Governor Kasich.  The state's Chief Public Information Officer Kerry Francis allowed PANDAS information to be but on the states website. She stated "stakeholders across the country receive Pipeline."  Step by step we will get to Capital Hill, won't we.....?  Check out this link. 

PANDAS 5K Dash, Pas Cares Families (Illinois)
TEAM CHARLIE & 200 friends!   
Parents in the Midwest are kicking PANDAS to the curb.  We have reported their legislative efforts and now their recent DASH to raise money.  Their local group's mission is to raise funds for families who need assistance with medical care.  Check out their plan on  and FB:  pascares.  Their plans will be unveiled soon.


Pictured here are the 3 Charlies with Senator Tom Cullerton, Kate & Charlie Drury, Wendy & Charlie Nawara, and Kristen & Charlie Recchia (yes, they were all named Charlie before they met....)
Teaching Schools about Mental Health (Washington)
Heather Korbmacher is feeling supported by her local community.  Friday night a community-wide potluck will be held just to  LEARN about PANDAS.    It sounds simple but knowing about the illness is the key to pushing medical acceptance for our children.  When her son became ill few local teachers were aware of PANDAS.  So, teacher/mom, Heather Korbmacher, went into action-mode and solicited the State Proclamation for Oct 9 th  from her Governor and Bellingham, WA Mayor Linville has proclaimed the day for the city.  The school district and local PTA is spreading the word on Friday nights.  Wendy has sent packets of info to local state Mental Health Agencies and schools are distributing flyers on PANDAS.

Potluck in the Park Flyer

Whatcom Middle School

 In Closing
We are a small nonprofit but mighty change is coming.   Each news story (the many of you),  each  book like  Saving Sammy , or In a Pickle Over PANDAS is chipping away at  mental health stigma..  ALL health professionals  must re-prioritize their research dollars, and we are helping to make that happen.    It's amazing.............

Happy Awareness Day 2015


The PANDAS Network Team
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