PANDAS Network Newsletter - March 2020
SHARE & VIEW an Educational Video for Schools
Hi Parents, Teachers and all Concerned About PANDAS-PANS,

Fill out the 2 minute survey (link below) by April 6th, Monday, and you have access to a 90 minute video to be used to TRAIN EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS about the nature and presentation of PANDAS-PANS-AE.

Watch the Video at your convenience (you will be emailed a link).
Next do a post-questionnaire (3 minutes) follows asking you if you learned more about the illness.

Created by Phd candidates in Occupational Therapy at Univ. of Buffalo, NY,
students of Dr. Jan Tona.

You'll help in the creation of a lasting video to be shared for any and all educators.
´╗┐This Video will be housed permanently on PANDAS Network in late April.
Dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of children with PANDAS and PANS