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Meet the PAPPA Board
Brian Deissroth, PAPPA President
How did you get involved in the industry?
My involvement started at a young age- While I was growing up, my father worked as ASI which gave me access to our profession when I was as young as six years old. As you could have probably guessed, I had products in hand and was listening to testimonials over dinner! I participated in my first trade show when I was 12, in fact, it was a regional association show ( OPPA). I opened a distributor company ( Deissroths’ Dynamic Designs) while I was in High School and ran the business until I graduated. I then went on to attend Temple University, while I studied at Temple I interned at ASI for four years. Upon graduation, my internship ended and I found myself where it all started; working with my father at his multi-line rep firm. I was then hired by Vantage Apparel in March of 2018! 
Outside of work, what do you find yourself doing?
I find myself spending time with my wife kylie, my brother, family and friends. I enjoy playing ice hockey, going hiking, doing various projects to our home, traveling and spending time with my ten month old golden retriever Sully!
Last City you traveled too ?
For work, Austin, Texas- for personal travel, Montreal, Quebec-
What’s your favorite movie?
Home Alone 2
What’s your favorite quote?
“ I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have”- Thomas Jefferson-
Meet PAPPA Executive Director Patti Ward

How did you get involved in the industry?
When I had my son 27+ years ago I wanted to continue my career in public relations and communications and I wanted to do it from my home office while enjoying time with Adam. I was fortunate to have several freelance writing and consulting opportunities where I had the chance to meet Actress Debbie Reynolds, President George Herbert Walker Bush and former Pittsburgh Pirates Manager Chuck Tanner. After I had my two daughters, I came across a part-time executive position and was hired in 2002 by TRASA (Three Rivers Advertising Specialty Association). This was the ideal way for me to use my communication and event planning skills.A few years later TRASA wanted to learn how to do a client show and a couple of us traveled to SACDV to learn from the best! During that visit I became instant friends with Jacqui Snyder, Bruce Korn and Jim Harmon. From 2005 to 2009 i did consulting work for SACDV and wrote copy for and edited their newsletter. In 2015 when PAPPA was looking to hire a new executive director I interviewed for the job and have managed both PAPPA and TRASA for the past five years.

Outside of work, what do you find yourself doing?
I enjoy spending time with my family and our two cats Willow & Holly. I like photography, reading, painting rooms in our house and planting flowers. I enjoy going to Planet Fitness several times a week and having coffee time at Starbucks on Saturday mornings with my newly married daughter Ashley.
Last place you traveled too ?
For work, Springfield, PA - for personal, Myrtle Beach, SC
What’s your favorite movie?
I like several - Greatest Showman, Elton John, Pitch Perfect; Wild Hogs, Grownups and Peppermint
What’s is your favorite quote? "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" Maya Angelou

Need Assistance?
written by Bruce Korn, Zakback

Hope you are all safe and sound and weathering the storm. Speaking of which, there are a few programs that might help your business during this time of uncertainty. This is all new to us and is an evolving process. But as of 4/3/20, here is some information to look into.

Disaster loan assistance – part of the Federal Cares Act

SBA PPP loans. This is a fact sheet. It is recommended that you apply with an SBA approved bank or credit union. You may get priority if you have an account with that bank.

Unemployment benefits – even for the business owner. I do not believe this has been finalized for the state of PA. Your best resource for now is the UC link below.

PPAI.org may also be a good source of information for you and your employees. If I can be of any help, I’m happy to share with you what I’ve learned. Feel free to email me at bkorn@zakback.com .

Thanks and best of luck!
Bruce Korn, President – Zakback Inc.
Connecting with Kids, Family & Friends

By now you probably have already thought about reading stories to or chatting with relatives through Facetime or Skype.

If you are a grandparent you might consider reading stories to your grandchildren. Wear a hat, use a prop. This could be alot of fun.

You can also share recipes and photos through email with friends and relatives.

Storytime Online: Here is Another idea from StorylineOnline a YouTube channel that has different celebrities reading children's books. They even have animations that go along with the stories! Check it out! Adults or seniors may enjoy this as well.
Congratulations to two of PAPPA's Finest!
Ken Cecco & Vincent Deissroth are among the 8 Best
Multi-Line Reps in the industry according to PPAI Magazine ! Hats off to Ken & Vincent!
A Message from PPAI President & CEO
Paul Bellantone, CAS

"We here at PPAI are making some tough decisions based on the continuing challenges facing us during these unprecedented times. These decisions are not unlike the ones you are likely making regarding your businesses.
Based on the current COVID-19 situation, the importance of your health and safety and the practicality of holding a show in a building that is currently being considered as a backup medical facility, we have made the difficult decision to cancel Expo East , effective immediately. We feel this is a sensitive and responsible action considering the shelter-in-place restrictions in many areas across the United States and the recent announcement deeming the Atlantic City Convention Center a temporary field hospital to accommodate expanded capacity.
The cancellation includes all education sessions on Wednesday, June 3 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City as well as the trade show exhibits on Thursday, June 4 and Friday, June 5 at the Atlantic City Convention Center.
Exhibitors and attendees already signed up for Expo East will receive additional updates regarding the next steps. We are hopeful this crisis will be resolved soon, and we can then work together toward the recovery and rebuilding of our industry and our daily lives."
How to Protect Yourself With
Videoconferencing Calls

According to Associations Now.com , Zoom calls, for one, aren’t as private as you may think. Here are some ways to protect yourself as we work—and play—at home during the pandemic.
Suddenly, videoconferencing is everywhere. We use it for work, for school, for exercise, and to socialize during the coronavirus pandemic.
The Silicon Valley videoconferencing app Zoom, in particular, is finding itself under scrutiny for data privacy and security concerns. The app—which reserves the right to store a user’s personal data— was downloaded 2.13 million times around the world on March 23, the day a lock-down was announced in the UK.
On Monday March 30, the FBI’s Boston field office warned of a surge in “Zoom-bombing ,” the practice of unwanted guests intruding on video meetings for malicious purposes, after two schools were affected.
Here are some tips to protect your next Zoom videoconferencing event, from Zoom , the FBI , and Consumer Reports :
·     Keep your Zoom app updated.
·     Do not make meetings or classrooms public.
·     Lock the meeting.
·     Turn screen-sharing options to “host only.”
·     Keep your camera and microphone turned off unless you are actually speaking.
·     Use a background provided by Zoom or use your own photo to safeguard your privacy.
·     If you plan to record the call, require participants to click on a consent button before recording begins.
Be aware that Zoom has an “attention tracking” feature to monitor whether a participant clicks away from the screen.

April Webinars
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Watch the District 1 webinars and receive PPAI credit on your
transcript towards your TAS, CAS, or MAS!
Tuesday, April 7 Presenter Mike Leone and Jon Borowka
Topic: The Latest from Hit Promotional Products
Click here to register
Wednesday, April 8 Presenter Zach LeBlanc
Topic: Peerless is Providing You With Tools to Make Selling Easier
Click here to register
Thursday, April 9 Presenter Tracey Stingley, Perry Ellis
Topic: - Learn About Perry Ellis International 
click here to register
Friday, April 10 Presenter Mark Colfer and Teresa Johnson
Topic: Showdown and The Current Business Environment
Click here to register
Tuesday, April 14 Presenter Cliff Quicksell, MAS+
Topic: When The Pendulum Swings Back, Will You Be Prepared?
click here to register
Wednesday, April 15 Presenter Matt Bamberski
Topic: The Power of Swag and Social Media
Click here to register
Friday, April 17 Presenter Todd Nimmer
Topic: Let C-Slide Be Your Go to Tech Accessory
Click here to register
Monday, April 20 - District 1 Panel Discussion with
Topic: Thriving Thru Crisis
Click here to register
Tuesday, April 21 Presenter Walter B, Team Walter B
Topic: Planting Seeds for a Fall Harvest
Click here to register
Thursday, April 23 Presenter: Rob Watson, Vantage Apparel
Topic: Growing Sales in Top Emerging Markets
click here to register