Volume 2 | March 30, 2020
Cornelius PARC is bringing the programming to you!

We know you're cooped up - it seems like everything is closed or canceled, and you're at home - so what now? Your friends at Cornelius PARC are on a mission to bring you ways to keep busy, stay engaged, decompress, and maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.
Keep Moving
Hey y'all, today is March 30, which is National Take A Walk In The Park Day! Go stretch your legs on a favorite trail or at one of our parks . Great news: park visitation using proper distancing is allowed under the current Stay at Home Order .

A nice, leisurely walk can be a calming and therapeutic way to relax, clear one’s mind from the stresses of the day, re-energize, and improve health, but be sure to maintain a physical distance of at least six feet !

Also for your protection, all playgrounds and restrooms are now closed, and all basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, along with all playing fields, are available for individual or singles play only. Group games and activities, including doubles matches, are not allowed at this time.
Antiquity Greenway
Learn Something New
Explore virtual experiences! The Arts & Science Council is connecting you to free virtual arts, science and history experiences all hosted by local artists, scientists, historians and organizations. Enjoy content for all ages from the Charlotte Museum of History, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and more. Check out Social Distance Yoga or take a music class - the list is updated daily!
Virtual Learning
Make Your Own Fun
It's time to take the kids outside for a Color Scavenger Hunt ! Children will love trying to find things in nature to represent each color on their list, and it’s such a great way to explore the outdoors together. Use a white lunch bag and markers, use a piece of paper and crayons, use whatever you have on hand - just get out there and enjoy!
Color Scavenger Hunt
Get in My Belly!
If your family is getting a little bored with the same ol', same ol', why not play with your food for a change? It’s a great way to tempt fussy eaters to give something a try and is sure to lighten everyone's mood! This website has some fun animal toast ideas, this site includes open face sandwiches, pancakes and food paint, while this one offers a more grown-up spin on things. We would love to see your creations - please share them with us on Facebook !
Play with your food
In times of crisis we learn the value of community. Please consider our local restaurants, both the business owners and the many affected employees! Order for carry out or delivery, or purchase gift cards for later use! Visit Lake Norman is maintaining a list of Lake Norman restaurants still operating.
Partner Spotlight
Carolina Thread Trail
"One of the few ways that we at Catawba Lands Conservancy and Carolina Thread Trail can be helpful is by providing the opportunity for a head-clearing, leg-stretching and immune-boosting walk in the woods.  There are 300 miles of Carolina Thread Trails across the region to explore .

You can keep your social distance , but gain a connection with nature. You can have a great family adventure or flee family drama. You can wonder at the majesty of the natural world and be grateful that it is always there for us. Most of all, you can recognize that a time frame other than minute by minute exists and is available for you to enjoy at your leisure.  

So get outside if you can. Take a walk or go on a bike ride with your family. Let nature work its wonders." - Executive Director, Bart Landess
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Looking for even more fun and creative things to do during this extended break? We have you covered! Cornelius PARC will be sharing daily videos Monday through Friday. Here's the plan:
  • Motivational Monday
  • Story Time Tuesday
  • Wildlife Wednesday
  • Drop-In Art Thursday
  • Foodie Friday