Volume 3 | April 6, 2020
Cornelius PARC is bringing the programming to you!

We know you're cooped up - it seems like everything is closed or canceled, and you're at home - so what now? Your friends at Cornelius PARC are on a mission to bring you ways to keep busy, stay engaged, decompress, and maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.
Easter Bunny
You stay safe at home, and we’ll bring the Easter Bunny to you!
Here comes Peter Cottontail - visiting as many Cornelius neighborhoods as we can manage while keeping the proper social distance! Escorted by the Cornelius Police Department, the Easter Bunny will be waving to your kids from the back of a PARC truck. We invite you to step outside and wave back from your own lawn, Tuesday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Check our Facebook page for more details - we will update as we travel through town and, hopefully, by your house!
Keep Moving
The gyms are closed but you can still get a great workout at home - and you don't have to be a bodybuilder to do it. Visit Livestrong.com to learn How to Get Started Working Out From Home , as well as many more great articles to guide you through a variety of beginner to advanced routines. Some use dumbbells and mats, one uses just a chair, others are full-on outdoor boot camp workouts - find your fit!
Learn Something New
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has an awesome website absolutely full of amazing content for all ages, allowing you and your children to explore science from home. Some of our favorites include virtual dives in National Marine Sanctuaries, Octonauts Corner, SciJinks weather content, opportunities for citizen science, and lots of webinars!
Make Your Own Fun
This is the week to color Easter eggs, and we're here with some stay-at-home suggestions! First, visit this website for ideas about how to prepare and dye eggs using natural materials you may already have around your house, plus some creative ways to decorate them. Don't have any eggs right now? Try this clever idea , painting rocks from the backyard to look like Easter eggs!
Get in My Belly!
Join us in celebrating National Empanada Day this Wednesday, April 8! Originating in Spain in the 16th century and now a staple in many cultures, these days you can make your own dough or buy it pre-made, fry them or bake them, and create savory or sweet versions. We found a couple of easy recipes using refrigerated pie crust, so have fun this week trying these Easy Beef Empanadas and then some Banana Nutella Empanadas for dessert!
In times of crisis we learn the value of community. Please consider our local restaurants, both the business owners and the many affected employees! Order for carry out or delivery, or purchase gift cards for later use! Visit Lake Norman is maintaining a list of Lake Norman restaurants still operating.
Partner Spotlight
Charlotte Independence Soccer Club
"During this down period in our season, our coaching staff is excited to offer our "At-Home" training guide to provide each of our players the resources they need to continue their soccer development away from the training pitch. You will find: individual, technical work to improve first touch and ball manipulation, soccer-specific fitness exercises, strength and conditioning template with video demonstrations provided by EXOS Sports Performance, diet and nutrition guidelines for athletic performance from our partners at Novant Health. Our "At-Home" training guide is a professionally gathered collection of staff-cultivated content and it is designed specifically for our players to ensure we return to the fields ready to train, perform, and compete at our highest possible levels..." -Technical Director, Dave Carton
This Week on PARC's Facebook Page
Looking for even more fun and creative things to do during this extended break? We have you covered! Cornelius PARC will be sharing daily videos Monday through Friday. Here's the plan:
  • Motivational Monday
  • Story Time Tuesday
  • Wildlife Wednesday
  • Drop-In Art Thursday
  • Foodie Friday