Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2020
Gratitude Month Wrap Up
During the month of November, we took the time for gratitude and reflected on our core values. We encourage you to make a list of things you are grateful for at school and home. Share your gratitude with the community using #EPGratitude and #EagleWay
Eagle Excellence
  • EPHS girls varsity soccer player senior Maddie Ishaug was selected to the MN Girls Class AA 1st All State Team.

  • EPHS boys varsity soccer player junior Cole Nelson was selected to the MN Boys Class AA 2nd All State Team.

  • EPHS seniors Josie Axelson and Rachel Wagner, participated in the Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Program representing Eden Prairie High School and were selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Eden Prairie and St. Louis Park, respectively, for the Class of 2021.
Teens Need More Sleep
Task Force Recommends Later Start Time for High Schoolers
Did you know that most teens don’t get enough sleep because their biological sleep clocks have changed? It’s harder for them to go to bed at night, and they end up sleep deprived because they have to rise early for school. This isn’t true for younger children, whose sleep schedules are much more flexible. Read more on our website.
School Meal Distribution During Distance Learning (Includes EP Online)
Families can request meals during distance learning by filling out the request form on the Child Nutrition webpage. Families choose to pick up from either Mid-Day or Late Afternoon pick up (not both). For more information on the pick up dates and times, along with meal kit contents and preparation instructions, please visit the Child Nutrition webpage.
Continue to Report COVID Cases to your School
During distance learning, Eden Prairie Schools needs your help to maintain safety in our buildings. As we look toward the potential return to hybrid learning, schools have to be prepared. We want to avoid the possibility that we would return to hybrid, only to have to revert to distance learning due to illnesses. To help your teachers and school, please continue to report COVID cases or COVID-like illness.

Send a message to your site’s COVID-19 Coordinator:
Dec. 24 - Jan. 1: No School, Winter Break