Simple Steps to Self-Care Webinar
Dear Parents, Families, Friends, Caregivers, and Friends,

Human beings are social beings. We like to connect, talk, see, hug, high-five, and give warm welcomes to our friends and family. On the surface, this stay-at-home/safer-at-home is an enormous change in our lives. Then, you add some additional stress-ers like loss of income, loss of financial stability, loss of your support system, and it can be a very turbulent time.

The Early Learning Coalition is here to help. We are hosting a "Self-Care" focused mental health webinar on Wednesday, April 22nd at 3:00pm. Self-care may seem frivolous or unattainable at a time like this. Join us on this webinar as we examine what self-care is, why do we fail at taking care of ourselves, and provide tangible ideas for every parent. This webinar will focus on real practical things you can do even with a home full of kids -- to make sure you have the energy, mental clarity, patience, parenting tools, to protect your health during this pandemic.

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~Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County
Don't Miss Our Next Mental Health Webinar
Please join us for this upcoming webinar - all about SELF-CARE during Quarantine.

Parents and caregivers will be welcome to share their struggles with everyday issues like virtual school, children's behavior, financial worries, and we will have Mr. Eric Mundt, mental health expert, back with us to share real tips and ideas that you can do and use to help alleviate some of that stress.

Please Join Us... Registration Available Below!
Self-Care During Quarantine
Wednesday, April 22 @ 3:00 to 4:00 PM
Extended Early Learning Opportunities
Week Five | For All Early Learners
"Creative Expression Through The Arts"
Week Five | Early Learning Activities

  • Monday, April 20 | YouTube: "What are the benefits of arts for kids?"

  • Tuesday, April 21 | YouTube: "Going on a Journey" Activity for Providers

  • Tuesday, April 21 Facebook Live! - Hands On Activity @ 1 PM

  • Wednesday, April 22 | YouTube: Virtual Story Time!

  • Thursday, April 23 | YouTube: "Little Miss Muffet" Activity for Providers

  • Thursday, April 23 | Facebook Live! - Sensory Activity @ 1 PM

  • Friday, April 24 | YouTube: Let's Get Physical!
Week Five Calendars
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For Child Care Providers
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