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Research shows that parent and family engagement is a key component of effective prevention. Children whose parents and other caretakers communicate clear, consistent expectations to them about alcohol and other drugs are less likely to use substances.


As your school community strives to create a healthy environment, parent participation in this effort is crucial. Parents and schools working together to keep kids healthy and safe reinforce each other's efforts. Schools that welcome parents into this vital initiative benefit from having parents solidly behind their substance abuse prevention efforts and policies. However, finding the time or the means for parents to get engaged can be challenging.


FCD is now offering an Online Parent and Family Meeting. Scheduled by a school, this online session expands parent access to critical information about student substance abuse prevention and overcomes some of the logistical obstacles inherent to traditional parent meetings, such as finding the time and place for the event. Tailored as needed to the interests and needs of your particular parent population, this session offers them valuable information about their role in substance abuse prevention. And, participants can join in from the comfort of their own home or office!


In this live 60-minute session, an FCD Prevention Specialist will: 

  • Help parents and caretakers understand the essential role they play in keeping their kids alcohol- and other-drug-free during childhood and adolescence
  • Facilitate a style of open dialogue between kids and their parents or caregivers
  • Emphasize the importance of modeling healthy, appropriate attitudes and behaviors for kids
  • Provide parents with the latest facts about addiction and the mental and physical effects of alcohol and other drugs on young people
  • Explain the risk factors for addiction
  • Dispel myths, misconceptions and misinformation about adolescent drug use
  • Answer individual questions such as:
    •  What are the warning signs that my child may be abusing alcohol or other drugs?
    •  What do I say about my own experiences with alcohol and other drugs when my child asks me?
    •  What are some ways to teach my child to resist the pressure to drink or use drugs?
    • What should I do about the drinking and driving issue?

You provide the date and time, we provide the content and expert presenters!


Fee:  $300


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