Hello Pastors,

Leadership of Emergency Mgmt with City of Austin Office of Homeland Security just contacted Daniel Geraci (Director of ADRN) and asked if we could notify our network of churches of the need that exists.

Right now, our city is in need of personal protective equipment and sanitation supplies for our local health care providers. They are being told it will be April before more arrives and are needing our help to cover them until that time.

We had previously been allocating some for our own operational objectives, had given some to several churches, and were planning to give the remaining to the city but the need has elevated . We will be allocating the remainder of what we have to them at this point. Daniel and I are even taking our personal supplies to give in this moment because the need is great for these who are at highest risk, serving the sick in our city. We invite to do the same, as the Lord leads you.

What an opportunity we have to serve our city and those He loves!

  • Drop off at ADRN Headquarters
  • We will be receiving supplies, today, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, 10-6PM

May Jesus be glorified through His Church!

P.S. This Monday, 12-1PM: Citywide Hour of Prayer. We expect to continue until COVID-19 has ended. Join us! ( adrn.org/onehourprayer )

Stephen Brewer
Associate Director