PATH Intl. COVID-19 Bulletin
September 29, 2020
COVID-19-Specific Updates for PATH Intl. Centers, Individual Members, Certified Professionals & Friends
Enjoy today's bulletin in good health! Following is a webinar opportunity on self-care for PATH Intl. members. This and other resources are always available on the PATH Intl. website COVID-19 page.
New Free Webinar
1.5 CR CEUs
Window of Tolerance: Knowing When Self-Care is Critical
October 6, 2020
10:30 - 11:30 a.m. MT

Difficult times and trauma impact our ability to manage stressors influencing our capacity to productively respond to presented situations. As stressors increase, our tolerance of even the slightest changes to our environment or plans can significantly decrease. Everyone is experiencing the current pandemic and social events differently based on their own window of tolerance. As the pandemic continues and social crises evolve, our windows of tolerance can narrow or even close entirely.

Learn how to identify the boundaries of your window of tolerance and those of others, as well as some tactics to open your window of tolerance and restore healthy response to stressors.

Presented by:
Michelle Weed, CRC
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 
Licensed Resident in Counseling (VA)
PhD Counselor Education and Supervision- William and Mary 2021, Specialization in Trauma and Moral Injury
PATH Intl. RTRI, ESMHL, online course faculty (ES4H and mentor), Chair of the Health and Education Oversight Committee

If you have any burning questions about this topic, please let us know when you register! Alternatively, you can send them to by Sunday, October 4, 2020. Be sure to note Window of Tolerance in the subject line.
We continue to research and gather information to assist centers in maintaining operations during this challenging time. If you have suggestions or ideas, please email Kathy Alm. We might include those ideas in a future communication.