PATH Intl. COVID-19 Bulletin
May 8, 2020
COVID-19-Specific Updates for PATH Intl. Centers, Individual Members, Certified Professionals & Friends .
Office updates
Stay-at-home orders have been lifted, and safer-at-home precautions are in place for the state of Colorado. The PATH Intl. staff is looking forward to strategically returning to the office while also continuing the successful remote office. State law currently allows for a limited workforce, 50% or less, to return to the workplace. We will start this Monday, May 11th. There is a backlog of delivery of printed materials including member cards and center renewal packets. These are a priority, and we will work to get caught up with limited staff. Thank you for your continued patience!
CPR Recommendations in the Time of COVID-19
This document from the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics is an excellent resource for your consideration regarding administering CPR during the pandemic.
Fund Updates-Difficult Times, Difficult Decisions & Some GREAT News

Disaster Relief Fund
Early into the outbreak we communicated at that time that PATH Intl. would be unable to award disaster relief funds to relieve pandemic–related expenses. The PATH Intl. Board of Trustees has since determined that no funds from the PATH Intl. Disaster Relief Fund will be distributed for COVID-19 Virus relief. The trustees used the fund distribution guidelines for their decision. Their specific sources include the following: “Disasters within the scope of the PATH Intl. Disaster Relief Fund are those natural occurrences (e.g., hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, fire drought) or negligent, intentional or criminal acts of man that cause catastrophic loss...,” and “Allocation of funds will be determined based on the number of applications submitted, the degree of need described and the amount of available funds.”

The Board of Trustees determined the dollars in the fund (the fund currently holds less than $7,000) cannot meet the magnitude of dollars required for pandemic relief. They determined it is important to keep those funds available for the natural occurrences that continue to occur but have a more limited impact.
Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies Participant Fund
There is great news regarding the PATH Intl. EAAT Participant Fund! Because this fund is more robust, the board decided to increase distributions. Typically, $3,000 is granted annually (up to $1,000 per participant). This year, PATH Intl. will be distributing up to $10,000 to applicants who applied earlier this year with a second round of $10,000 funding to be granted in the second half of the year! As details are still being worked out, please watch for more news on applying for the second round.
Member-to-member reopening tips and tricks

Sue Adams from Hearts Therapeutic Riding Center in New Jersey shares the methods their center has employed to keep the horses mentally and physically conditioned during the down time.

Hearts is a small program with no indoor (approx. 60 riders a week). So we close the end of November and reopen in March if weather is in our favor. If not, April is our official opening each year.

During the off months, we started a unique equine exercise program for a select group of volunteers who are horse savvy on the ground and astride. After interviewing and auditioning, these people come out and ride the program horses to keep them “happy.” In return they make a $20 donation to the program for each exercise session they have with the horses. They are required to write in the Hearts TRC exercise log what they did, any issues, and what needs to be worked on with the horse in future sessions. When the Corona virus hit and we made the decision to close, these exercise riders became part of the farm’s necessary people required for the health and well-being of the horses. Three riders now do half leases on the horses to increase the exercise donations.

Yes, there is social distancing. Yes, they all have separate grooming equipment. Yes, they use masks and gloves when in the barn working. And yes, they even all use separate equipment on the horses.

I believe since we already had this program in place to keep our program horses fit during the off months and keep a cash flow coming in, it was so easy to continue this program during our down time now. The good news is, when we get the okay to start again, riders will be up on their favorite horses, with Hearts TRC knowing the horses are ready and very willing to get back to work safely and of sound bodies and minds.
On your behalf
Despite the pandemic, industry leaders continue to move initiatives forward. The PATH Intl. Board of Trustees held its annual weekend planning retreat virtually this year, and the industry terminology work group continues to progress toward consensus. (Left: board of trustees, Right: terminology work group)

Recording & Resources Available
Resuming Services Strategically & Safely
Approaching the future with mindful intention

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Accompanying resources
We continue to research and gather information to assist centers in maintaining operations during this challenging time. If you have suggestions or ideas, please email Kathy Alm . We might include those ideas in a future communication.