PATH Intl. COVID19 Bulletin
March 20, 2020
New Bulletin for COVID19-Specific Updates for PATH Intl. Centers, Individual Members, Certified Professionals & Friends

The PATH Intl. Board of Trustees and Staff wish everyone strength during these uncharted times. We are operating in a business-as-usual manner, while acknowledging this time is anything but usual, and we're looking for ways to provide continuity while simultaneously adapting to do what we can for our members.

The association recognizes the abundance of information everyone is receiving. We have therefore created this standing bulletin that will only communicate concepts necessary to help us all navigate the current situation.
Tips for Nonprofit Centers
PATH Intl. Center Member Renewal Policy Update
In response to centers that had to suspend services due to the current situation, PATH Intl. will extend the member center grace period until April 30, 2020. Centers may also renew with a payment plan to reduce the immediate, financial impact. Contact Karen Province for more information.
American Horse Council Resources
We continue to research and gather information to assist centers in maintaining operations during this challenging time. If you have suggestions or ideas, please email Kathy Alm . We might include those ideas in a future communication.