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PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor  (CTRI) Certification
Trek to Accrediting the PATH Intl. CTRI Certification

Tutorial: Transitioning to the CTRI Credential
Video Tutorial: Transitioning to the PATH Intl. CTRI Credential 
Wondering how to transition to the PATH Intl. CTRI credential? Watch this short  video tutorial  to learn about the process.
Ready to Transition to the CTRI Credential?
Get started by completing payment for the  CTRI Maintenance Fee  to initiate enrollment in the online test. (Please allow 3 business days for enrollment.) Once you've successfully passed the test, fill out the  CTRI Transition Form  and email it to  to finish the transition process. It's that simple! Questions? Contact  Brittney Holdman .
Study Tips for the PATH Intl. CTRI Certification Transition Test
Wondering how to prepare for the online 25 multiple-choice question test? See some study tips  here.
Costs to Transition to the PATH Intl. CTRI Credential
See a breakdown of anticipated costs for completing the transition process  here .
Former PATH Intl. Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructors
Have you completed transition to the PATH Intl. CTRI credential and are now the process of accruing the 120 teaching hours required to supervise the teaching hours of PATH Intl. CTRI applicants? 
Consider using our  teaching hour tracking tool  to ensure  well organized and legible documentation in the event that you are requested to provide proof of your teaching hours during randomized audits   by PATH Intl.
Wondering how you can support PATH Intl. CTRI applicants in the meantime? You can potentially supervise and sign-off on the following portions of the  CTRI application :
Part I: Option A
Part II: Option A
Part IV: Option A

What's next?
Be prepared as a supervising instructor! Keep an eye out for more video tutorials on every step of the PATH Intl. CTRI application process so that you can confidently provide guidance to incoming instructors.
We are trying a new format to streamline PATH Intl. Trek to Accreditation communications. Are you a fan of this new format? Let us know! 
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