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Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International  

November 1, 2011


Conference Updates
conference logoWe're counting down: 8 days to the PATH International Conference kick-off!

Disabilities Panel Questions

The General Session at this year's conference on Friday, November 11, will be a Disabilities Panel. The panelists are professionals and experts in their respective fields. However, they may not be individuals who are familiar with equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT). Advance questions from attendees will help them prepare for the panel. Questions may be general or about a specific participant with a specific need. The forum moderator will also welcome on-site questions, but advance preparation will help the panelists anticipate the types of questions they are likely to be asked.  


Click here to go to a survey page where you can enter questions you would like to ask any of the panelists. Confirmed panelists:  


Myra Beth Bundy, PhD - Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Cynthia Dunn, PhD - Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 

Amber Fleming, MsSPL - Speech Impairment 

Stacey Grider, OT - Visual Impairment

Daniel Hudson - Traumatic Brain Injury

Margi Stickney, EdD - At-Risk Youth

Kristen Wheeler, SPL - Down Syndrome


This open-forum discussion should prove to be informative and interactive, and we are glad to have the opportunity to offer it to you.

We are all looking forward to this year's Conference and Annual Meeting in Lexington, KY. The success of this event depends on many volunteers doing a variety of tasks throughout the conference. We need people willing to volunteer in shifts of two or four hours (more if possible) throughout the week.

Click here to download the volunteer contact information form and job descriptions from the conference volunteer section of the website. Currently there are needs for the following:
Silent Auction set-up, Tuesday, 10 a.m.-noon
Silent Auction, Friday, 8 a.m.-noon
Merchandise Booth set-up, Tuesday, 12-2 p.m.
Merchandise Booth, Tuesday, 6-9 p.m.; Wednesday, 12-6 p.m.; Thursday and Friday (prior to presentations and breaks)
Room Monitors Thursday: "Fund Raising at Horse Show Time"; "Insurance/Risk Management"; "Leveraging On-Line Channels"; "Fundraising 101"; "Solving the Puzzle"; "Building a Solid Grant Proposal";  "Research"; "Effect of EFP on PTSD in Youth"
Room Monitors Friday: "On Course to Compete"; "Morning Glory No More"; "Disaster Awareness"; "Veterans, Horses & PTSD"
Speaker Assistant: Saturday, "Using Driving to Support Motor Vehicle Skills"
Breakfast Ticket Takers: Friday, 6:45-7:30 a.m.

Send the form back by e-mail as soon as possible to Pat Kline or fax it to her attention at (859) 252-5016. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Pat at (859) 231-7066.

Note: Room monitors must be conference registrants and will be asked to show their wristbands at volunteer check-in. 

Wristbands at Registration
At registration you will be given a wristband, which must be worn on your wrist. You will need to show your wristband to get into any event, session, meal and to get on the bus for the Horse Expo or enter the Mane Event Closing Reception. The wristband
will be in your registration packet and must be put on when you check in. This policy will ensure that everyone who registered gets the full benefit of the conference. If you lose your wristband, you will need to check in at registration and show your photo I.D. every day to get tickets for each session and event. If it breaks, please bring it to registration for a replacement.


Lexington, KY, Weather 

Consider the weather when you start packing for the conference. On average, the temperature in Lexington in November is in the mid- to upper-50s during the day and in the mid- to upper-30s at night. While the majority of the conference is indoors, including the Horse Expo sessions and closing reception, exploring the Kentucky Horse Park will take you outdoors between museums, barns, etc.   

Place Your Bets on the Society of Visionaries!
Chris McCarronHave you heard the rumors? The Society of Visionaries, which began at the 2010 National Conference and Annual Meeting in Denver, will host its first Visionaries-only gathering at Keeneland Racetrack and Darley Thoroughbred Farm in Lexington, KY, on November 12, 2011. By joining the Society of Visionaries, you can meet legendary jockey Chris McCarron and see stallion Holy Bull, as well as other famous stallions. Click here for more information on how you can join us at this exclusive gathering in Lexington or to learn more about the Society of Visionaries. 
The Late Marjorie Kittredge Honored as Recipient of Anson W. Taylor, Jr. Award

The Equine Land Conservation Resource (ELCR) has named the late Marjorie V. Kittredge of Massachusetts as recipient of the Anson W. Taylor, Jr. Award for Leadership in Equine Land Conservation. Marjorie, who helped found PATH Intl. (then NARHA), died in 2010.
The award, being awarded posthumously, was presented to Marjorie's son Charlie Kittredge and daughters Lucinda Sullivan and Ellen Scott by ELCR CEO Deb Balliet and ELCR Advisory Council member Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld during a special ceremony during the General Assembly of the Massachusetts Special Olympics Fall Tournament, Equestrian Finals, on October 15 at Kittredge's Windrush Farm in Boxford, MA. Watch the video here (thank you to Lisa Derby Oden of Blue Ribbon Consulting).

The 2011 PATH Intl. Conference and Annual Meeting marks the first time the Marjorie V. Kittredge Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning Scholarship has been awarded. It is for the person who is an EFP/L professional or studying to be one.

The Equine Land Conservation Resource is the only national not-for-profit organization advancing the conservation of land for horse-related activity.     

Equine Tips From the Equine Welfare Committee
A New Interest in Eating
By Jayna Wekenman

The following explains a bit about enrichment and directions to create a cheap and reusable feeder that encourages foraging behavior. Enrichment techniques are widely used in zoos, aquariums, research and teaching facilities to encourage more typical behaviors and discourage atypical behaviors. Some behaviors (like cribbing and weaving) shown by domesticated horses are atypical to their species and signs of stressors in coping with their environments (FASS, 2010). Incorporating enrichment for horses may also alleviate these behaviors and environmental stressors in programs. I encourage you to look more into enrichment and atypical behaviors before incorporating enrichment techniques with your horses.
Materials: clean plastic jug (orange juice, bucket, soda bottle, etc.), twine, scissors, food (treats, grain, hay cubes)
  1. Cut holes in the clean plastic jug (larger in size for larger pieces of food and smaller for smaller).
  2. If desired, hang the container. When hanging, the container swings and creates a different challenge than when placed on the ground or in a feed bunk. I have used plastic orange juice containers and strung twine through the lid.
  3. Fill the container with the chosen food and present it to the horse. When knocked, food falls out, which encourages foraging behavior.
This feeder can be used in stalls, turn-out areas or elsewhere, and it can be hung over a rubber mat or feed trough if there is a concern about horses eating off the ground. Use a break-away rope and hang the feeder high enough so horses don't get tangled in the rope. Also, document behaviors shown, levels of engagement of the horse, changes in behaviors (atypical and/or typical), and any other safety concerns your program may have. Enrichment techniques implemented strategically can serve as part of the program and may overcome symptoms associated with mental, physical and emotional burnout for horses and personnel.       

Notes: Federation of Animal Science Societies (FASS). (2010). Guide for the care and use of     agricultural animals in researching and teaching (3rd ed.). Retrieved from FASS website:

The Equine Welfare Committee encourages positive and engaging educational exploration from our readers. We'd love to hear your feedback! Please let us know if you have any questions about our tip or have a suggestion about specific topics you would be interested in learning more about in the future. Email Kristin Mason, EWC chair. Thank you!
Horses for Heroes Name Change Update
When the NARHA Horses for Heroes initiative launched in 2006, the association was made aware that the catchy name had already been trademarked. At that time legal consultation advised that we would likely be okay for the time being as long as we always used the name NARHA with it. Since that time it has become increasingly apparent that the association, and its members offering services to veterans and wounded service personnel, must set themselves apart from the pack.

Legal counsel has directed the need for the association and its members to no longer use Horses for Heroes. That name has spread and is being used by innumerable groups. Some groups are positively wonderful. But, not all of these entities are providing EAAT and they certainly are not operating within PATH Intl. standards and guidelines. In order to protect the association and its members from inadvertent association with these groups, a new name for the initiative will be coming soon. It is unfortunate that we will have to leave such a catchy name behind but it is for good reason that a transition must be made.

PATH Intl. remains committed to helping this valiant population experience the benefits of EAAT. The association will continue to help centers to begin providing services to veterans and wounded service personnel and provide a network of mentors who have been successful initiating partnerships with their local Veteran's Administration.

Please be patient as the association, the passionate and dedicated task force and its legal team work to find a positive solution. Watch for an announcement soon.

PATH Intl. Center Seeks Others to Petition International Special Olympics Committee

therapeutic carriage drivingEquine Journeys in Bridgton, Maine, seeks other centers from across the country to help petition the International Special Olympics Committee in Washington, D.C., to add therapeutic carriage driving to the state event. This year, Equine Journeys was invited to do a lunch time demonstration of therapeutic carriage driving and received very favorable responses.

They would like to put together a group of PATH Intl. centers that would like to initiate a petition drive to add this activity. If you have experience petitioning this organization or want to join the effort, contact Mario Pascarelli at (207) 353 402.   

The ESMHL Certified Instructor Option - Did You Know?

With the launch of the new ESMHL certification came concerns that current certified instructors practicing in the field of mental health and learning would need to invest a lot of time and money to attend a workshop and skills test to gain this certification even though they have already been doing the work. Since PATH Intl. did not have this certification available when many dedicated instructors entered the field of mental health and learning, we heard their concerns and created the PATH Intl. certified instructor option. Read more ...      

Scheduling Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning Certification Workshops

PATH Intl. is excited to see so many individuals interested in the Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning workshops. We would like to accommodate individuals eager for certification by holding more Equine Specialist workshops and practical horsemanship skills tests, especially along the west coast.  


If you are thinking about your 2012 schedule, we would love to get your event on the calendar and begin advertising it. All workshops will now be offered with the new Equine Specialist practical horsemanship skills test, if the host site chooses. Host sites can also host the one day practical horsemanship skills test without a workshop if they wish, a requirement for certification. If you are interested in hosting at your Premier Accredited center in 2012, please download the intent to host booklet from the website, or for more information contact Abby Hendren at (800) 369-7433, ext. 104.    

Workshops and Certifications
Contact Abby Hendren at (800) 369-7433, ext. 104, with questions. All dates are subject to change. To register for an event, please contact the host site directly. You can locate its contact information under the Find a Center link on the PATH Intl. home page or on the PATH Intl. events calendar.

PATH Intl. Driving Workshop and Certification combination event
Workshop is held the first 3 days; certification is held the last 2 days
November 5-9
Gayla Driving Center/U.S. Driving for the Disabled, Inc., in Lexington, KY (This workshop and certification are offered just before and up the road from the PATH International Conference November 9-12 in Lexington, KY)

August 7-11, 2012
BraveHearts at the Bergman Center in Poplar Grove, IL

Mentor Training Workshop
November 9-10
PATH International Conference in Lexington, KY

Please visit the PATH Intl. calendar for a list of 2011 Registered On-Site Workshops and Certifications.

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