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Longhouse Council - Pathways - August 7, 2020
Vol. #2 Issue #26
BSA Family Fun Fest
August 8th,2020
11:00 AM
If you like funny pets, rockets and astronauts, Pinewood Derby cars, movie makeup artists and backyard camping, then you’ll love Family Fun Fest! It’s outdoor adventure you can have online!

This very special online-only event is just for families like yours! There will be cool hands-on activities, interviews with amazing people, and opportunities to make your community better with a service project.

Join in on the fun with activities like designing a Pinewood Derby car and baking homemade treats for your pets with a trained chef. We’ll post items you’ll need for each activity, here and on Facebook, so you can build your own adventure!

If you’re already a Cub Scout, you’ll love it! If you’re not a Scout but want to find out about all the fun and cool things Scouts do – this is your chance! And, it’s always more fun with friends, so invite some of yours to join you online for the Family Fun Fest!
Recruitment Plans, Resources & Supplies
We have lots of resources and supplies to help with your recruitment plans. We have fliers, parent guides, yard signs, and more in house. Other resources can be found in Marketing & Membership. You can find detailed plans and other ideas to help with recruitment. Looking for images or videos to use to excite families to join your program? The BSA Brand Center has everything you could want. Lastly there is the Council page that has resources from past years that are still useful.
Weekly Webinar Schedule
We are still looking for suggestion on what units are looking for, to help them with recruiting and running their programs this year. We will publish a complete list next week. But for now, next week's webinar (Thursday 8/13 @ 7 PM) will be on the GeoFencing program and how best to implement it.
Last Nights Webinar
Scouting & Covid-19, We CAN Do it.
For more information on events, training opportunities, and other activities happening in your district, visit your district webpage:

Other Dates of Interest
September 7th - Office Closed for Labor Day

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