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Longhouse Council - Pathways - January 29, 2021
Vol. #3 Issue #3
Council Klondike To Fit Your Units Needs
Unfortunately, 2021 has started with some units unable to meet for their annual Klondike Derby, But, some units can. So, to try and accommodate all units with what they are allowed to do, Longhouse Council with the help of Crossroads, Towpath & Tri-Rivers District are offering opportunities for Scouts to complete in events within their units or attend limited day events at Woodland.
The virtual Klondike hosted by Tri-Rivers District will run from January 15th till March 15th
The first Day Event hosted by Crossroads District will be February 6th at Woodland.
The second Day Event hosted by Towpath District will be February 20th at Woodland.
Re-Charter Info
A quick reminder, that this year to ease the financial challenges and to bring the Council’s re-charter cycle in alinement with the National cycle, we will be short chartering all our units. So, what does this mean? If your unit normally re-charters in February, instead of re-chartering for 12 months you will re-charter for 10 months at a cost of $85.00 per Scout and $65.00 per adult. If your unit normally re-charters in March, instead of re-chartering for 12 months you will re-charter for nine months at a cost of $76.50 per Scout and $58.50 per adult. Your unit will still re-charter in February or March for 2021, but for your 2022 charter your unit will re-charter in December 2021.
Plus, be aware that the re-charter website will still ask you to re-charter for 12 months. Please disregard that and use one of the attached fee charts to figure out what you owe. Than write a check or call the Council office (315)-463-0201 and we will take a credit card over the phone.
Scout Shop Hours:
Monday 10:00am – 5:00pm
Tuesday 10:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 10:00am – 5:00pm
Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 2:00pm
(Closed every weekday from 1:30-2:00)
The Scout Shop has a Sleeping Gear sale. 20% discounted items included select sleeping bags, pillows, and hammocks, air mattress, sleeping pads, Mosquitoasis. We have limited quantities of these items so stop by early to get the best selection! Sale Ends February 6th.
Check out the Scout Shop Facebook page for weekly sales 
You do not need an appointment to shop at the Scout Shop. 
You are welcome to come in anytime. 
Also check out our new tool that can help you shop. 
You can have your order shipped, pick up in store, or curbside pick-up. We are more than happy to help you shop in any way that makes you feel comfortable.
For more information on events, training opportunities, and other activities happening in your district, visit your district webpage:

Other Dates of Interest
Office Closed- every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
Office Closed - Monday, February 15th
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