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Longhouse Council - Pathways - January 7, 2022
Vol. #4 Issue #1
Eagle Recognition Dinner
January 13th, 2022
Eagle Scouts, this year's keynote speaker is Thor Retzlaff. Thor earned his Eagle Scout rank in 2013. Thor will talk about achieving this accomplishment and the formative years, and bouts of adversity that inevitably shaped him into the man he is today. Since graduating from Lewis & Clark College in 2018, Thor has been on an entrepreneurial journey, founding a media production company and several companies dedicated to understanding the affects and uses of human waste on and with the environment. During the event you can expect to hear more about Thor's adventures to the Arctic and Antarctic regions, why storytelling is a powerful tool, and why it is important to seek out inconvenient experiences.
Thor asks that everyone please watch the below video before attending the event.
Lodge Banquet & Bash
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We will be holding the Lowanne Nimat Lodge annual banquet or Bash on Sunday, January 30th, 2022 at the Central Square American Legion.
We will also be holding the Lodge Elections for Chief and Vice Chief positions. Please come out and give leadership to the Lodge.
2022 Wood Badge
Dear Scouter,
Has anyone ever talked to you about a training called Wood Badge? This training is intended for all adults in Scouting, from Cub Scout volunteers all the way through to the Scouting Professionals. It focuses on leadership and gives you skills that can be applied to your Scouting role, work environment, home life, and almost anywhere you participate with others.
We use the aims and methods of Scouting to reach this objective. You will be given presentations of leadership skills, organizational tools, and will do a variety of activities based on the best of Scouting traditions. In addition, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of sharing this experience with volunteer and professional Scouters while having a great deal of fun!
Many Scouters consider Wood Badge to be an amazing experience and wish they had done it earlier in their Scouting career. It has served as a source of inspiration and helped to revitalize many Scouters’ commitment to Scouting. The Wood Badge experience has positively affected the lives of millions of America’s youths and will help you perform your Scouting functions, improving your unit for your Child and all the other members.
In the weeks ahead, you will read other Scouter’s personal stories about how Wood Badge affected them. They may help inspire you to take this amazing training and improve your journey on the Scouting Trail.
I invite you to speak to others about Wood Badge and sincerely hope that you can participate. Thank you for your time and work in the scouting program.
Yours in Scouting,
Cookie (Charrie L Lehman)
Longhouse Council, NST10-373-22, Course Director
Citizenship in Society
The new merit badge encourages Scouts to explore important topics around diversity, equity, inclusion and ethical leadership and learn why these qualities are important in society and in Scouting. Beginning July 1, 2022, the Citizenship in Society merit badge will be required for any youth seeking to achieve the prestigious Eagle Scout rank.
Application for merit badge counselors are being excepted now, but this isn't your run of the mill process. Counselors will be put through a rigorous review process and once excepted will be required to attend a special training. Please contact the Service Center for more info.
It isn't to late, even though the December 31st has past we can still get you rechartered. Don't wait till it is to late. Contact your Commissioner or the Council office and we will help get you rechartered on time.
Re-Charter December 2021
Crossroads District Scouts BSA Klondike
Saturday, February 5, 2022
8:30am Check-in and $12.00 per person
Registration opens January 3rd.
Register as Patrols and bring your own lunch. 
Make a weekend of it and camp at one of Camp Woodland's Cabins!
Crossroads District Cub Scout Snowbox Derby
Sunday, February 6th, 2022
8:30am Check-in and $12.00 per person
Registration Opens January 3rd
Register as an individual. Scouts must attend with a parent. Bring your own lunch
Work as a den/pack and create your own Snowbox Sled. 
Awards will be given for most creative.  
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