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March 2020 | Newsletter
Czar in his habitat at PAWS' ARK 2000 sanctuary.
Pat Derby, the late PAWS co-founder, was once asked how she could tell when a rescued tiger at ARK 2000 had finally relaxed. She replied:
"When they're lying on their backs with their white bellies up to the sun."

Czar, Mungar, and Tessa:
An Update on the "Waystation Three"
April 8th will mark six months since we welcomed the arrival of three tigers from Southern California's Wildlife Waystation after the facility ceased operations and relinquished its permit to keep wild animals. All three tigers have settled in beautifully, and are enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of nature at PAWS' ARK 2000 sanctuary. We thought you would enjoy hearing about how they are doing, and how their personalities are blossoming in their new home.
Czar (left) arrived "loving everyone and everything" according to PAWS Tiger Supervisor Renae, and in this respect he hasn't changed a bit. He cheerfully greets people, neighboring tigers, and even his favorite toy, a big red ball, with a friendly "chuff." Czar loves to sleep in his grassy, oak-shaded habitat, and enjoys nibbling on the tender new blades of Spring grass. At the mature age of 17, Czar has the energy of a much younger tiger and is active, inquisitive, and playful.
Tessa (right) arrived at PAWS curious about her new home, but somewhat shy and cautious. Since meeting her neighbor, female tiger Sawyer, she has revealed herself to be a "sweet and spunky" tiger says Renae. She loves to run with Sawyer along their shared fence line, and she also spends afternoons sleeping in her spacious and grassy habitat close to her other neighbor, Czar. At 18 years old, Tessa is very playful, and especially enjoys special scents like nutmeg that caregivers sprinkle in surprise places for her to discover. Like Czar, she enjoys playing with a big ball.
Mungar (left and below) came in as a calm and confident tiger, despite some significant challenges to his mobility and health. He was born 15 years ago with several physical disabilities, including a deformed jaw and impaired vision. Malformed vertebrae in his neck pinch his spinal cord, which affects sensation and coordination in his rear legs. When he first arrived, Mungar was wary of his older tiger neighbor Apollo, who has similar mobility issues. Apollo was persistent in making friends, lying next to their shared fence and chuffing while Mungar observed him from a distance. Mungar gradually warmed up to Apollo, and now they are often seen lying close by, taking walks together and even chuffing and rubbing on the fence with each other. Mungar's resilience, courage, and patient nature are an inspiration to all of us.
Help PAWS Purchase
A Therapeutic Toy for Mungar!
One of Mungar’s treasured toys is also therapeutic for him, but it’s badly worn and needs to be replaced. He arrived at PAWS with a large plastic barrel that happens to provide excellent physical therapy for his neuromuscular issues.  When Mungar straddles the barrel and rests on his stomach, he can comfortably stretch and support his back. Rolling it around strengthens his rear legs and improves his coordination and mobility. Not to mention, it's just plain fun! But it’s time to replace Mungar’s old toy with a new one. 
You can help buy a new toy for Mungar. It costs $520 to purchase one heavy-duty toy designed especially for captive wild animals (price includes tax and shipping). Mungar will enjoy and benefit from this toy for many years to come. Click below to donate. (When you see "Message to PAWS" or "Add a note" on the donation forms, please let us know that your donation is for Mungar.)
Thank you for thinking of this very special tiger!
Click on the arrow above to watch a video message from Ed Stewart.
Message from
PAWS President Ed Stewart
It’s an understatement to say that these are unprecedented times. My heart goes out to everyone who is affected by this overwhelming moment in history, including those who are grappling with the COVID-19 virus or who have lost loved ones to this awful disease. This is also a time when compassion and kindness could not be more important – even if practiced from a safe distance.
At PAWS’ three sanctuaries, we continue our work for the captive wild animals in our care, from stately elephants to our diminutive muntjac Mojo, and our big cats, monkeys, bears, and emu flock. (In future newsletters we’ll reintroduce you to many of these animals.) We have ordered extra food and provisions to ensure the sanctuary operates as smoothly as possible. Of course, I am forever grateful to our dedicated caregivers and veterinary team, who ensure that the animals are well fed, cared for, and loved.
We have been receiving supportive messages from many of you, and I thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I am also grateful to those of you who have made donations. More than ever, PAWS relies on individual gifts to maintain our high level of care for the animals. We receive no government funding. Both your friendship and continued support are very important to us.
Please stay safe and well. Together, we will get through this and be stronger than ever in our mission to rescue and care for captive wild animals in need and put an end to their exploitation. 
L-R: African elephants Toka, Lulu and Maggie.

PAWS Celebrates Lulu's 15-Year Anniversary
This month marks the 15-year anniversary of African elephant Lulu’s arrival at PAWS. Her story is truly an example of the transformative power of sanctuary care.
Lulu was born in Swaziland into a tight-knit, caring elephant family. At two years old – an age at which baby elephants are still nursing and dependent on their mothers – she was violently captured and sold into captivity. Lulu arrived at the San Francisco Zoo in April 1968.
At the zoo, Lulu was again traumatized. For years she was dominated by another elephant in their tiny enclosure where there was no room for escape. The elephant would bully Lulu, sit on her, prevent her from accessing food, and block her from going in or out of the barn. When Lulu arrived at PAWS in March 2005, she cowered in the presence of the other elephants, shrinking into an unusual sitting position. PAWS’ co-founders Ed Stewart and the late Pat Derby worked with Lulu, slowly introducing her to the resident elephants until she gained enough confidence to socialize with them. Today, Lulu comfortably spends her time with Toka and close companion Maggie, and she has now become the leader of that group. Together they traverse the expansive hills at ARK 2000, foraging on the lush Spring grasses.
The confidence and social ease that Lulu shows today are measures of the sanctuary’s success in providing a more natural and fulfilling life for her – at least to the extent possible in captivity. Focusing on her as an individual, understanding her personality and history, and creating a plan of action that was in her best interest contributed to this inspiring outcome.
We are proud to care for Lulu – who is the second oldest African elephant in North America – and all the other wild animals at PAWS’ three sanctuaries, who have shown such incredible resilience in the face of adversity. Happy 15 th anniversary, Lulu!
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PAWS Featured in Kevin Nealon's
"Hiking with Kevin" on YouTube!
The newest “Hiking with Kevin” episode – a weekly YouTube feature created by comedian and actor Kevin Nealon – was filmed at PAWS’ ARK 2000 sanctuary in February and includes PAWS friend and Oscar Award-winning actress Kim Basinger and PAWS President Ed Stewart. In each “Hiking with Kevin” episode Nealon interviews celebrities while hiking with them, talking about a range of subjects and often providing entertaining insights. You not only get to learn more about the talented Kim Basinger, you’ll see some stunning images of ARK 2000 and the animals we care for.

PAWS thanks Kevin Nealon, a great friend to animals and a long-time friend and supporter of PAWS, for choosing ARK 2000 as the site for this episode. We also thank Kim Basinger, a cherished friend and long-time PAWS supporter, for all that she’s done for us. We also want to recognize actor and filmmaker Matthew Modine, the other man behind the cameras!
Changes to PAWS Special Events
To protect the health and safety of our supporters, volunteers, and employees, PAWS is cancelling all events at our ARK 2000 sanctuary in San Andreas through the end of May. This includes our Open House and Seeing the Elephant educational events.

If you purchased Open House tickets, you can apply your ticket(s) to a future Open House. Please send an email to PAWS Event Director Kim Gardner at  and request to keep your ticket(s) active. You can request a refund by sending an email to ; please provide the name and email address of the person who purchased the tickets, along with a phone number. Or you can make your ticket a donation to PAWS. No action is necessary for this option.
The PAWS International Captive Wildlife Conference, scheduled for November 14-16, 2020, is being rescheduled for November 2021. We will provide more information on this popular event early next year.
Please watch the PAWS Calendar page for information on future PAWS’ events.
See More of PAWS’ Animals on Social Media!
With so many people ordered to stay “safer at home,” we’ve decided to post more videos of the animals at PAWS on our social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and our YouTube channel. Connect with us below and keep an eye out for new postings!

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