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Read on to hear what our animals are telling Santa!

Dear Santa,

We just heard about this whole Santa deal, and it seems pretty cool! We want to make sure you know about us, because WE ARE NEW! Our names are Cowboy, Cowgirl, Bandit, and Ranger, and we were born the day before Halloween. When WSHS offered to take my mom in, no one had told them she was pregnant, so we were a surprise to everyone!

We think we have been good - at least as good as six-week-old puppies can be! We are still figuring out how to play with toys, but we know we like the soft squeaky toys. Sometimes we fight over our dog bed, but that's just because it's SO soft and snuggly! Our favorite is when our mom Loretta lays in it too, and we can pile on top of her to snuggle.

Please Santa, can you provide WSHS with enough food, toys, medication and resources to help every animal that comes through their shelter next year? And when we are old enough, can you make sure to find us nice new homes?


Cowboy, Cowgirl, Bandit and Ranger


Dear Santa,

I hope you're doing well up there at the North Pole and getting ready for your big night.

My name is Sam, a three-year-old kitty who's had a tough year. My humans moved away and left me behind. Luckily, a very kind person saw what happened and brought me here. If you had anything to do with this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I’ve been a very good girl this year and played nicely with everyone I met. I like to greet people with a friendly "meow" that always brings a smile to their face!

Santa, I have only one wish. The people here are nice, but I miss living in a home of my own. Could you please help me find a loving home?

And Santa, if you have time for a second wish, please bring some extra love and happiness to all the other animals here. They are all looking for homes too, and I know your magic can help make that happen.

Thank you, Santa, for listening to my wishes. I promise to be a good kitty and cherish my new home if you can make my dreams come true.

With hope,


On average, WSHS spends $453 on every cat in our care, and $510 for every dog (excluding surgeries for animals requiring additional care). But since our adoption fees don't begin to cover those costs, we rely on donations from supporters like you to allow us to continue our lifesaving mission for these animals.

Dear Santa:

My name is Rico, and all I want for Christmas this year is medical care, a happy home, and maybe some toys. I came to West Suburban Humane Society in November from a rescue group in Indiana. At ten years old, I had just been neutered and had a testicular tumor removed. At WSHS, I tested positive for heartworm, requiring additional care and treatment before I will be made available for adoption.

The wonderful volunteers here at WSHS say that I love to play and bow, and sometimes I get the zoomies! I can't wait until I am ready to go to my forever home!

Please Santa, can you provide WSHS with enough food, toys, medication and resources to help every animal that comes through their shelter next year?


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