Sept. 2018

A few months ago we introduced you to our PB1, the first in our series of standardized Press-In-A- Box packages by Multicyl. 

As a refresher, the Press-In-A-Box is our trade name for our off the shelf small press packages designed for powering unitized or modular tooling. 

Visit our page here for a quick primer on this type of tooling and how our Multicyl products work with them. 

And take note, the PB1 doesn't just work for powering a single unitized application; it also serves for multiple unitized and other applications in a quick changeover fashion. 

You can see the video here  which shows the PB1 with both A and B series Unipunch tools as well as a custom mandrel tube punching tool, note the quick and easy tooling changeover.

If this might be a fit for you, or even if you just have some questions, don't hesitate to contact us We can help!

Click the picture below to see the unit in action:

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