Duro Dyne’s PBACZVOC Adhesive is specifically formulated for use with perforated base ( PBH) Dynastick Hangers . It easily adheres to concrete, metal, unfinished masonry surfaces and more.

It contains Zero VOC’s and withstands constant temperatures up to 225°F. Dynastick Adhesive PBACZVOC now comes in convenient cartridge packaging allowing for a clean and easy application to PBH Dynastick Hangers and it works great with the Duro Dyne Caulk Gun.

Apply PBACZVOC adhesive to perforated hanger base or clean surface area. Firmly press hanger to surface forcing adhesive through perforations in hanger base. Do not apply adhesive at temperatures below 40º F or over 100º F. Keep product away from heat, sparks or flame. Use in a well ventilated area.
  • Zero VOC
  • Perforated Base Adhesive
  • Maintains High-Strength Bond
  • Non-Sagging
  • Non-Slip
  • Immediate Grab
  • Performs in Temperature Up To 225˚F
  • Provides Excellent Water/Mildew Resistance
Specification Compliance:
Complies with LEED EQ Credit: Low Emitting Materials for Interior Design & Construction, Collaborative for High Performance Schools EQ 7.1.1, California Dept. of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method V1.1

VOC = 0.0 lbs./gal or zero (0) grams/liter
PBA Dynastick Hanger & Washers:
PBH Dynasticks are perforated base hangers that work with the Dynastick Adhesive PBACZVOC and are sold with a steel washer. Once the Dyna-Stick Adhesives has dried apply liner adhesive to the metal surface, place on the insulation and secure it with the steel washer. PBH DynaSticks are available in 7 lengths from ¾’’ to 4-1/2’’.
Final Install:
Once dried and secured Dynastick nails can be snipped off or bend over with a pair of pliers for a more plush liner surface.
Ordering Information:

  • 5143 - PBACZVOC - Dynastick Adhesive Cartridge

  • For PBH Hanger & Washer ordering info, please see literature sheet below.
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