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PBIA Instructors,
Please be aware of email scams that are currently being attempted on several PBIA Instructors.

Below is an email thread between a PBIA Instructor and internet scammer.  This scam or a variation thereof has been reported to us by many PBIA Instructors.  Please be aware of the scam and delete the email if you receive it.

If you encounter a suspicious email or have concerns that it may be fraudulent ( it probably is) please bring it to our attention so we may inform all active PBIA Instructors.


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COPY OF EMAIL SCAM (from email address "Cindy Brown" <MobileAdvert@doglover.com>) 
I wish to seek for your services in giving my daughter a private Pool And Billiard training. Learn hand and body position for shooting form in playing pool and pocket billiards

The heart and soul of pool flow from an accurate hold on the cuestick. But how to make the classic pool grip, is a thing of function and power. I know finding the proper balance between an art and a science of playing Pool, when these two elements becomes easy, one can come out proud as a pool player.

I want her to learn the basic building blocks of the game
1. Fundamentals

Bridges Grip
Shot Preparation
Cue ball speed
2. Aiming

Aim Point vs. Contact Point
Use of the Ghost Ball
Cut Shots - Throw Shots
Center Ball Aim
3. Spinning the cue ball

Top spin
Bottom spin
Side Spin
Various Draw Shots
4. Position play

Tangent Lines
Vertical Axis (Cue Ball off Object Ball)
Horizontal Axis (Cue Ball off Rail)
One Rail Position - Multi-rail position
Strength of stroke - Power position
Shape with object ball on the rail
Shape with object ball near the rail
Looking ahead - Rail first shots
5. Cue ball safeties

Please do email your:  

I will be glad to read your response in due time 
Sent:  Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 9:02 PM
From: "PBIA Instructor"
To: "Cindy Brown" <MobileAdvert@doglover.com>
Subject: Re: I Need You For A Private Pool And Billiard Training
Glad to help Cindy.
Where are you located? How old is your daughter and has she played pool before?
I charge $XX.00 per hour and am available most every day.
Looking forward to working with you.
PBIA Instructor   
COPY OF THE REPLY (from email address "Cindy Brown" <MobileAdvert@doglover.com>)
Thanks for the quick response. My daughter is 18yrs old and her name is Tammy. She is interested in Pool lesson, i don't know how to appraise such talent, but people adore her when she plays, she is not a beginner though, she has no much experience aside what learned from the Pool dvds and her dad.

I Strongly believe the more quickly one learns something, the better they will learn, because when a student learns over a shorter period of time, the experiences are more recent and vivid especially when someone intends to use the skills to make an income. So being a Pool player is one way to have a career using your knowledge of playing while some enjoy playing Pool as a hobby or sport.

We are looking at she needs it 3 times a week at 1hr per day for 4 weeks, say Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or Saturdays, the time will depend on when will be convenient for you, as she will be free at all most evening times. She lives with my cousin in Forest Hills NY and i will prepare her after payment from her dad.

I will like to know how much the lesson would cost for the 4 weeks since her father is the one paying?
Name the check will be payable?
Mailing address?
Direct Phone#?
Cell phone#?

I look forward to hearing from you.