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PBIA Instructors,
A new email scam is currently being attempted on several PBIA Instructors.

Below is a copy of the email scam that several PBIA Instructors have reported to us.  Please be aware of the scam and delete the email if you receive it.

If you encounter an email and have suspicions that it may be fraudulent please bring it to our attention at, so we may inform all active PBIA Instructors.


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Tuesday, April 5, 2016 2:06 AM
Subject: Need A Serious Private Pool Billiard Tutor for My 17 Years Old Boy

Hope you are having a great day today..I am looking to hire a
qualified  Pool Billiard Instructor /tutor for my 17 yr old Twin as they
will be visiting your area in their college quest .their names are
Josh and Jay.I want you to brushed-up with their skills in
any areas they might have difficulties with as I intend to have them
improve in this field . If you are available to take care of the
tutoring , kindly get back to me with your rates and confirm your
location so that I can proceed with arrangements.

Mary Gill
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