The PBIA's mission is to provide quality billiard instruction to individuals at all levels of proficiency, as well as offer training and certification programs for individuals wishing to become qualified billiard instructors.
BCA Instructor
PBIA Instructors,

Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to the billiard industry and the Professional Billiard Instructors Association.   

Due to a virus, the web site is receiving a complete overhaul.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and are very close to launching the brand new PBIA site.   We will keep you informed once the new site is ready to be unveiled.


PBIA Instructor Program
PBIA Custom Shirts
The PBIA is excited to announce a new partnership with Ultimate Team Gear, the outfitters for the BEF Jr. Nationals, the Atlantic Challenge Cup, and the Mosconi Cup.

Orders are open for PBIA Instructors from November 1 - November 15. 

Shirts are marked 50% off the regular retail price and only cost PBIA Instructors $40 per shirt (plus S&H).   Please allow 8 weeks from November 16, for all shirts to arrive.

2017 PBIA Membership Dues
It's that time of year again!  It's time to renew your annual dues in the Professional Billiard Instructors Association.

Please go to, login to your profile and renew your membership.   Once you are logged in to your profile please double check to make sure we have all of your correct contact information on file.

If you like the old fashion mailed invoices, don't worry, we'll get those out to you shortly.

Please renew your dues by April 15, 2017 so you can remain active in the program.  
PBIA Recommended Reading 
PBIA Master Instructor David MacNeill recently released a new book called Championship Pool, Essential Skills and Strategies for Top-Level Competition

This 400 page book features over 200 illustrations, and will help show you how to bring your game to the next level.  
BCA Insider Now Available Online to All PBIA Instructors
The BCA Insider, is a quarterly BCA member publication dedicated to the businesses in the Billiard and Home Leisure Industry, and we believe that there is plenty of relevant information to help our PBIA Instructor thrive in your business as well.  

In this 2016 Holiday Edition of the BCA Insider, you'll find articles on topics such as: Planning Success During the Holidays, Twitter Tips, Impact of Elections on Sales, and much, much more! 
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