MAY 2019
Just published: Devra Davis PhD, MPH publishes a science based response to the recent New York Times article which downplayed the health impacts of 5G and alleges that Russia is behind citizen action on 5G.

A must watch two part PBS series on the health effects of cell phones and wireless radiation is now viewable online.

US Congress Letters to the FCC Requesting Proof 5G is Safe

"I believe the American people deserve to know what the health effects are…We are flying blind here on health and safety”.
– Senator Richard Blumenthal

EHT submitted  a scientific letter on the environmental impacts of the cell tower proposal for the Grand Tetons.

Municipalities in Switzerland and Italy are calling to halt 5G until proper safety research has been done. EHT will continuously update this page.

An Engineer's Perspective " Does 5G Pose Health Risks?"
Larry Desjardin, with a BS Engineering from CalTech, and an MS Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, publishes a comprehensive two part article on 5G.

Counterpunch: Is 5G Worth the Risks?
Iishana Artra, PhD of Vermont summarizes the hazards of 5G and the inadequacy of FCC limits to protect the public.