As previously announced, on Thursday, July 15th PBSA along with CDIA submitted an amicus letter to the California Supreme Court on behalf of our respective members in response to the case, All of Us or None of Us v. Hamrick

On Thursday, July 22, PBSA filed a supplemental appendix adding additional signatories to our amicus letter. This new filing adds 13 additional amici supporting our efforts. We are deeply grateful for the support we have received from a wide variety of businesses and organizations in this urgent and unusual process.  

Also taking place yesterday, Thursday, July 22, Plaintiff-Appellants filed an application in the Supreme Court asking for leave to respond to our joint amicus letter, along with a proposed response. We believe that the Court will likely grant their application for leave to respond as a matter of course.

Although this application is in opposition to our position, the Plaintiff-Appellants have put a motion on the table that the Court must rule on. In so doing, the appellants have done for us what we couldn’t do ourselves as far as getting the Court’s attention. This is both unexpected and positive for our issue.

Procedurally, we’re in uncharted territory, so it’s not clear whether we will have a further opportunity to reply to their response. We will be working with counsel to determine next steps.

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PBSA thanks our members who offered financial assistance for the brief, all of the signatories, the attorneys at Hudson Cook and Troutman Pepper, CDIA, the Advocacy Committee, and of course our Date of Birth Redaction Task Force.
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