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June 4, 2015


Did you know...The 36th annual MEIC Conference on May 6th and 7th was a great success again this year!?! Many Parent Contacts were able to attend, supported by the EIPLP, and participated in a range of activities at the conference. There were workshops, the Parent Dinner, numerous networking opportunities, a "parent-only" hospitality room, and a special Parent Contact breakfast. Please take a moment and complete our survey at If you were not able to attend this year but would like to attend next year, and your child has not transitioned out of EI prior to January 1st, the EIPLP can support your attendance at this inspirational event. Registration information is typically available in February, so keep an eye out for more information in early 2016.


Did you know...That the EIPLP facilitated a workshop at MEIC that was about the evolution of the Parent Movement in Early Intervention? We did an activity from the Essential Allies: Families as Advisors training that we offer. This training focuses on the benefits and challenges of engaging parents in Early Intervention beyond their services, and the importance of collaboration between families and their programs. If you are interested in the EIPLP facilitating this two hour workshop at your program with other families and EI staff, please let your program director or parent liaison know. 


Did you know... The Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC) meets 5 times a year to advise and assist the Department of Public Health on Early Intervention? The ICC is currently looking for Parent Representatives from the West and MetroWest regions, as well as a representative to fill the At-Large role. If you are interested in becoming an ICC Parent Representative, please submit a letter of interest to Darla Gundler ( ). Be sure to include information about your family, your Early Intervention experiences, why you are interested in joining the ICC and any unique qualifications and skills that you would bring to the role. For more information on the ICC, please visit the EIPLP website at

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