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Please notify us if you are no longer the Parent Contact at your EI program! Email us at eiplp@live.com Thanks!

April 2, 2015


Did you know ...that you can still register for the MEIC conference? As a Parent Contact you are given the opportunity to attend at no direct cost to you. The conference is May 6 and 7. Workshops are filling up fast so please contact the EIPLP right away to register - the following workshops are full: KN-1, WI/TH2, A-4, A-7, B-5, D-4 and E-5. Email us at eiplp@live.com or call 877-353-4757 with your registration information!



Did you know...the EIPLP's website has a page called "Who is a Parent Contact?" and it shares the benefits for families and programs of having one? This one pager helps parents better understand their role as a Parent Contact. Check it out by visiting eiplp.org/documents/PCdescription1.14.pdf



Did you know... the EIPLP produces Digital Stories by helping families tell their story? Digital stories are three to five minute videos made up of photos, narration and music that give viewers information based on the topic presented. They give families the opportunity to share their experience in Early Intervention. Would you like to learn more? Visit eiplp.org/parent.html and contact us at eiplp@live.com  or 1-877-353-4757.

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