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Parent Contact Update
September 4, 2014 


Did you know...the EI Parent Leadership Project (EIPLP) is looking for parents to  participate in upcoming opportunities?  


Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC) Parent Representative: There are 7 parent representatives who are members of the ICC, one parent for each region of the state and an at-large representative. The parent members are appointed to represent parents and their perspectives about early intervention policies and procedures.


Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC) Committee Member: Any parent, whether or not he or she is an ICC member, may choose to join a committee or task group. We encourage family participation on all committees in order to keep the committee and its members family-centered. Family members that attend committee meetings on a regular basis receive reimbursement for their participation. Check out the committees at http://www.eiplp.org/icc.html


Early Intervention Onsite Monitoring Parent Team Member: A parent team member working collaboratively with a DPH Regional Specialists as part of an onsite monitoring team to visit and evaluate EI programs. This opportunity is open to parents whose children are graduates of a certified Early Intervention program.


Contact us at eiplp@live.com or the toll free line 1-877-353-4757 to get more information about these opportunities.


Did you know...October is the month that families receive the NCSEAM Family Survey from their program? If you have been in EI for 6 months and have not receive a survey in the last year you will be getting one from your service coordinator next month. The results of this survey help the state EI system and programs to improve services for children and their families. Watch a short video on completing the survey here:  



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Did you know...the Early Intervention Training Center (EITC) is looking for Parent Presenters? Parents are co-facilitators that assist in training new staff in orientation trainings throughout the state by sharing their EI experiences and perspectives. Contact the EIPLP at
eiplp@live.com or at the toll free line 1-877-353-4757 to learn more.



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