Week of 1/6/2020
New Exhibit
Thru 2/15
Jim Hall
Thru 1/10
A sincere thank you to the artists, the visitors and the PCA Visual Arts Committee, all who contributed to the success of the
2019 Holiday Market exhibit. 
Thru 2/15
  Poster image by Cathy Severson, Mariah
PCA’s exhibit Faces is a must-see experience. Artists have created human and animal faces, faces of objects and perceptions of a face, and much more in a variety of mediums. Following are judge Neil Orlowski’s picks, including some of his comments on these pieces. Overall, he was very impressed with the quality and diversity of the art. He was drawn to many that had impact or strong emotional quality.
Best in Show Portrait of a Man , Saveria Judge, Oil on Canvas
Mood is emotional; can sense many emotions each time you view it; dignified, subdued values.
1 st Pl. : Mariah , Cathy Severson, Watercolor
 Simplicity of impact; draws you in graphically.
2 nd Pl .: Chaco Rockface , Charles Stroh, Watercolor & Ink
Interesting to look at; intriguing; every step showed intention & attention.
3 rd Pl .: Brainstorming , Adrienne Buffington, Mixed Media Fiber
Emotional quality; execution amazing; her colors move.
Honorable Mentions: Eyes and More , Arlene Minuskin, Photography
For originality & how artist played with the Faces theme.
Honorable Mentions: Tony, 9/11 First Responder , James Hall, Photography
For depth of personality & strong composition
Honorable Mentions: Zuska , James Ward, Ink Pen, Ink Brush, Cardboard
For unique medium & technique.
Thru 1/10
Quote by Jim: I grew up in an environment surrounded by photography and design and at a time when things were simple. Three basic concepts greatly influenced my photographic work: “KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid;” “Less is More;” and “Form Follows Function.”
A Pair of Pears
The Gift Shop has reopened with the works of returning and new artists. Be sure to visit the Gift Shop to view an exceptional and wide variety of art , including jewelry, pottery, textiles, cards, 2D & 3D pieces, and more.  Artists : The Gift Shop welcomes new and returning artists. Contact pcagiftshop@hotmail.com for an appointment. The next Gift Shop intake is Saturday. February 1, 10AM-1PM Visitors : When considering a purchase, ask about the Gift Shop Special Shopper discount card.
Volunteers host in the Gallery 7 days a week.  If you would like to host a morning or afternoon session, contact VAC host coordinator, Mary Ann Sorrell –  mt2vt95@live.com . If you have never hosted in the gallery, nor hosted in the past 6 months, contact Mary Ann to sign up for the next one-hour training class.
Mary Ann and artists at 1/4/2020 host training session:
The Gallery is open every day and is completely supported by the work of its active volunteers on the Visual Arts Committee (VAC).  If interested in joining this outstanding group, please contact Barb Wills, (928) 445-2796,  wills.barb@yahoo.com  for more information.
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