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Big Sky Website Link                             June 2015 

Welcome New Members!

In our 40th year, Big Sky has reached the 100 member mark (66 primary & 34 co-members).   The following members are new  to BSK since our last Newsletter:

Joe Grabowski, West Glacier:  1960 356 Fjord Green
Ward Marshall, Bigfork: 2003 911 Turbo

Welcome and we hope to see you at the upcoming PCA events!

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Jeanette Cheney, Editor
 NEWS & Events
Yellowstone Region Montana Tour: July 17-19
"Join us Friday at 8 AM 07/17/15 at the Stagecoach Bar in Wilson as Rusty Brown and Mike Mielke teach us how to drive in Montana. We'll eat, drive, hit the hot springs and then drive some more. As they say in Texas, "Times a Wastin' - Get on it!""

Drive from Wilson, WY on Friday.  Lunch in Hamilton. Dinner at the Depot and overnight at DoubleTree in Missoula. Then on to Fairmont Hotsprings and Dinner at Barclay II in Anaconda. For further info:     Yellowstone Website Link

Northwest Summer Event:  Friday, August 7, 2015
Michael Holle has arranged a tour of the Stonehenge Air Museum near Fortine from 1:00 to 3:00 pm ($8 fee). We will meet at 11:30 am the Happy Valley Mobile Station (3 miles south of Whitefish on Hwy 93 at entrance to Happy Valley).  The caravan will take Farm-to-Market Road, picking up Hwy 93 west of the road construction. After the tour, we will meet for dinner at Hellroaring Saloon on Big Mountain (approximately 5:30 pm).  To register, contact:

SAVE THE DATE:  Monday, August 3
Big Sky Segment of Zone 6 Grand Tour & 40th Anniversary Dinner

Details are being finalized.  Big Sky will pick up the Tour at the Idaho Falls Sleep Inn at 9 am on the morning of August 3.  We will drive west on Hwy 20 and pick up Hwy 93 north.  Lunch stop will be at Junk Yard Bistro in Salmon.

Overnight will be in Missoula on Aug. 3, with BSK 40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner.  Will announce the hotel and restaurant accommodations shortly. If you plan to attend Dinner, please send Jeanette an email with # of Guests.

Email Jeanette Cheney

The Grande Tour will cover 4,576 miles over two weeks.  It begins in Seattle on 7/25 and ends in Portland on 8/8.  All of the region Presidents are providing details for the Tour Workbook.  Bill Bauer is the hard-working chairperson for this event.

Soon, Bill will create a motorsportreg.com event listing.  All participants will be asked what Region they are from and which days they intend to be on the tour.  This will help all of us by providing expected head-counts for various events.

Bill Bauer, Tour Director 


Drivers Ed: Sept 18, 19 & 20, 2015  -  Lewistown, MT
Registration On-Line:  Deadline is Tues. Sept. 15

Yes, THREE days.  There will be NO STUDENTS on Friday the 18th.  All instructors will be participating in a special program.  Drivers who have previously soloed are welcome.  Joe Evers Lap Video

"Join us to explore the capabilities of your favorite Porsche at the next Driver Education event.  It will be held again a the very special facility near Lewistown, Montana.   Our staff of PCA-trained instructors will keep you in your comfort zone as you learn the line, as your confidence builds, and while a permanent grin gets tattooed on your face."
REMEMBER:  Tech Inspection is Required in the 30 days PRIOR to attending DE. (Inspector can be anyone who "must be able to recognize the components being inspected and assess their condition".) Further information is available at:
$50 for 1 day or $80 for 2-3 days. Hotel Link on sign-up page.
If you have Questions:  Call Joe Evers at 406-451-9203


Check out the link on the Big Sky web site to each of the Zone 6 Regions and their upcoming events. 


In The Zone:   Tim Hagner, Zone 6 Rep  

The snow flakes have stopped flying, mostly, the plants are blooming and Porsches are starting across the zone. 


It's not just the Porsches starting, it's the volunteers starting!  Our club would not be the great club it is without the tireless work of our volunteers.  Our club Officers who help to stay the course, at the Regional and National level, making sure all those things we enjoy and take for granted are there. 


Communication is paramount in successfully running our club and without the mighty effort of our newsletter editors and/or webmasters we would not be the club we are today.


Take some time to look at all the events being put on in our zone in the next months and take a moment to think about all the effort, planning and coordination required to make it happen.  That's volunteers at work!  Without them where would our club be?  That's a scary thought.  The next club event you attend, thank the volunteer(s) that make it happen. Hopefully it's you taking the well deserved "Thank you"from your fellow club members. 


To all the volunteers that make it happen for us here in Zone 6 "Thank You"!!!!


The Zone 6 Grand Tour is coming to the Zone 6 Region you're a member of, will you be part of the adventure?   I can't wait to do this!  This is a huge undertaking (volunteers at work!) that will start July 25 in the Pacific Northwest Region and end 2 weeks later, August 8, in the Oregon Region.  We will drive in ALL 16 Regions. If you can't do the whole tour, we understand, and are planning it so members can pop in and out as schedule and time permits. Lots more to come as we put finishing touches and details together.  I hope to see each and everyone of you on the road!


I'll see you in the zone!



Big Sky Thermal Mugs 

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Big Sky Contact List:


President:           Randy Cheney, Columbia Falls              406-253-8774

V. President
& Driver's Ed:      Joe Evers, Bozeman                              406-451-9203


Treasurer:           Gregory Madson, Great Falls                 406-899-5153


Secretary:           Jim Walsh, Great Falls                            406-761-5385


Newsletter:          Jeanette Cheney, C. Falls                      406-253-8675

Social Chairs:      Mike Holle, Northwest                            406- 257-3700
      Dana Binford, Bozeman                         520-508-9295
      Dave Cooley, Great Falls                       406-781-8598
      NEED Helena
      NEED Eastern MT          


Web Master 

& Driver's Ed:       Dave Cooley, Great Falls                      406-781-8598


Zone 6 Rep          Tim Hagner, Pasco Oregon                  770-510-3313


Big Sky Website Link 


PCA National Web Link