Welcome to the kick-off of the first virtual conference on June 2-5! We are excited to reimagine the conference in this format and glad you are taking this journey with us.
Below is some helpful information to make the most of your time at the PCA Virtual Conference.
Using the Pathable Platform
By May 21, 2021 you will receive an invitation email with an access link from the Pathable platform; it will come from the address Sometimes this email goes to a Spam folder or is filtered through your school. If you do not receive this email by May 21, please contact
For the best user experience in Pathable, you will need:
  • A device that is connected to the internet, either by ethernet or WiFi (preferably a computer; tablets and mobile devices can be used if necessary)
  • A stable internet connection (check your internet speed by clicking here; some slower speeds will result in slower loading times on Swapcard)
  • We strongly suggest using Google Chrome when navigating the virtual conference. Click here to download.
Personalized Schedule
In the Pathable Platform, you can create a personalized schedule—plan ahead by determining which sessions you will want to attend. If you miss a session, session recordings will be available for viewing in Pathable for a short time after the conference.
Visit Exhibitors including PCA Info Desk
Exhibit booths will use the Talk Now feature, which allows you to speak with an individual on-demand. Each Exhibitor will post their Talk Now hours on their booths.
A Helping Hand
You’ll find that the Pathable virtual platform feels very similar to your favorite social media platform. We’ve placed more detailed instructions on the platform under the menu item “Conference Help.” However, should you find yourself in need of some platform assistance, send an email to

Live training for speakers and attendees is on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, at 1 pm EDT and Thursday, May 27 at 4:00 pm EDT. Training will take place on the Pathable Platform. After you activate your account, look for these sessions under the “Schedule” panel.
Zoom Etiquette and Camera Use
 During the pandemic, discussions emerged about the importance of keeping your camera on during sessions. We do not require it; however, we highly recommend keeping your camera on when attending live meetings. Nonetheless, we understand that circumstances may not allow for this. If you cannot use a camera for the entire session, we suggest the following:
  •  Use a profile picture on your Zoom profile. For presenters, viewing a picture of the audience member is preferable to the black Zoom square.
  • Please turn on your camera when asking a question and turn it off when your question has been answered.
  •  A lot of Zoom fatigue is the result of seeing yourself on camera. Turning off the “self-view” while on camera can help focus your attention on the presenter.
  • Use a Zoom background to maintain more privacy if you don’t wish to show your home or personal space.

Join us at Ray and Pat's, the Virtual Lounge, throughout the conference! Make plans to meet up with friends and colleagues or join a table to chat and network. Information is available on the Pathable Platform.
Social Media
We encourage you to use the hashtag #pcaaca21 when posting about the conference. You can see other attendees' posts on the Social Wall. Check the wall often for updates.

Still interested in attending? Non-presenter registration continues through May 31.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the National Conference!