My concept of photography started as a fascination of watching images appear in my grandfather’s darkened bathroom early in childhood and progressed through photographing for the high school paper and yearbook utilizing a prefabricated darkroom in the garage, and followed by photographing for the yearbook in college. Photography at that early time was mostly documentation of people and events. Exposure to the works of Ansel Adams and other photographic artists such as Edward Weston, Paul Caponigro, Alfred Stieglitz, Anne Brigman and many others led me to the realization that photography had an artistic side and could be used to express emotion and beauty. In the mid 1980's I felt it was time for me to immerse myself in the art side of photography. My ability to express feelings through photography alongside improvement in the technical aspects I needed grew out of a series of intensive workshops and a comprehensive Zone System class with accomplished photographers of the Ansel Adams persuasion during the last half of the 1980's while I was in the midst of my medical career.