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New Isola Materials



I-Speed and I-Tera Materials from Isola  



This is just a brief over view of two new Isola materials.  Links are attached for more detailed information and as always, please contact us with any questions!


I-Speed ~ Next generation low loss and lead free laminates and pre-pregs for HSD Applications


I-Tera ~ Next Generation Low Loss for RF/Microwave, High Speed Digital and Hybrid Designs


As a quick summary:

I-Speed Benefits:          http://www.isola-group.com/products/i-speed/

  • 15-20% more bandwidth than FR408HR when tested using industry-standard
    SI TVs
    • Cisco S3 - 20% @ 10 GHz
    • IBM SPP - 15% @ 20 GHz
    • Intel SET2DIL - 17% @ 8 GHz
  •  More Thermally Robust than FR408HR
    • 15X Reflow @ 260�C (as received) on 28-layer build with 4 2oz I/Ls & 0.135"
    • 10X Reflow @ 260�C (after 35/85/336 conditioning) on 28-layer build
  •  Spread Glass Offerings (1035, 1078, 1067, 1086 & 3313)
    • Mitigates micro-Dk effects
    • Reduces skew
    • Improves CAF
    • Improves laser ablation & mechanical drilling for HDI applications
  •  Enhanced performance on 0.8mm pitch applications
  •  Improved HDI performance over FR408HR
  •  VLP-2 (2 micron roughness) copper at no additional cost
  •  Currently priced below FR408HR

  • Isola





 I-Tera Product Strengths:     http://www.isola-group.com/products/i-tera-mt/  

  • I-Tera MT uses Standard E-Glass
  • Standard Thicknesses Available (nominal � 5% for 0.020" and above)
  • Full Thin core offering from 0.0020 ( non ZBC ) to 0.018" for multilayer designs
  • I-Tera MT 0.020", 0.030" & 0.060" will be available for multilayer designs
  • Standard Prepreg glass styles available  
  • Square and MS Spread glass weaves used - 1035, 1067, 1086, 1078
  • Very Low Loss material for backplane, high data rate daughter cards, hybrid applications
  • Superior Drilling Performance - I-Tera MT does not contain a ceramic filler      
  • Processing to date - Plasma desmear not required
  • No issues with ENIG in testing to date.                    
  • Compatible with Isola 185HR, 370HR and IS415 for hybrid constructions
  • I-Tera MT prepreg can be stored at standard FR4 conditions
  • I-Tera MT = UL 94 V- 0
  • UL MOT 130 C , I-Tera MT is the UL designation  






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