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Oct 2021 Newsletter
Zoom with SCDOT
SCDOT postponed participation until January 2022 in the outreach Zoom call we are arranging, with the SC Livable Communities Alliance, to do a public introduction to the new Complete Streets policy. If your municipal or county staff has questions, contact us for a referral to the right person at SCDOT. We are thrilled for this new policy, which will have strong implementation power across our entire state, relative to other states. If you haven't already, thank your SCDOT Commissioner! SCDOT staff is working hard during this key phase.
More Public Input Opportunities
SCDOT published even more public input opportunities.
Find your local project below and express support for safe pedestrian and bike access!
West of Summerville, this proposed 9 mile project includes widening, shoulder paving, better markings, rumble stripes, clearzone clearing, slope flattening, etc. Meeting Oct. 12.
Proposed enhancement project to expand the existing bicycle/pedestrian network in West Columbia to provide connections to downtown and the Three Rivers Greenway. The project is currently funded by Federal Earmark funds.
All current SCDOT public input opportunities are available in this link.
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Education Corner: Scholarships available
Becoming a League Certified Instructor of the League of American Bicyclists is the gold standard for education. PCC makes education resources available, but often getting LCI certified is a good step if you want in the very in depth training you'd use if running an education program or want to start one. Read about the LAB's LCI program here, nearby courses, and scholarships available for people of color.
It is illegal to put yard debris
in bike lanes in South Carolina.

Thanks to Palmetto Pride, this state law was updated in 2018 to include this. If you have a bike lane needing clean up, mention State Code 16-11-700 to your local, community law enforcement officer: "... A person ... may not ... dispose of litter or other solid waste ...upon ... a highway ... street, or alley .. Responsibility for the removal of litter is upon the person convicted ... The fine ... is not less than fifty dollars and not more than one hundred and fifty dollars. ... The court, instead of payment ... may direct the substitution of additional litter-gathering labor or other form of community service."
What We are Reading:
Rep. Marvin Pendarvis receives the prestigious Green Tie Award from CCL, for advancing the SCDOT Complete Streets policy
Vision Zero: We Know How to Fix Deadly Streets

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