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Sept 2022 Newsletter
Help your City or Town Build Stuff!
The updated federal funding chart is out! Most of this federal money trickles down to our state and communities. Since the federal infrastructure bill and SC's increased gas tax, SCDOT's budget will grow from $1.5Billion to $4Billion in a few years.

This is not pocket change. Share the recently updated funding link with your town or regional planner, and show them where they can get that money to build your town's next Pump Track, set of crosswalks, bike lanes, pedestrian refuge island, sidewalk, and so much more! Then join our Livable Streets Academy to learn how to advocate and bring this funding to your town. Stay tuned!
SCDOT makes Changes!
Since SCDOT adopted the Complete Streets policy in 2021, we continue seeing progress in our state's largest transportation agency: SCDOT.

First, SCDOT recently opened the new Office of Local Government Services, charged with outreach on certain funding programs for building pedestrian and bike facilities. Make sure you town planner knows about this new resource.

Second, SCDOT will hire a new Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator position working directly in their Planning office. This is a brand new position that didn't exist before, and it will have considerable authority. The new position is a result of new work from the 2021 SCDOT Complete Streets policy.

Third, SCDOT will soon revamp their Transportation Alternatives program, which increased from $11Million to $33Million annually, since the federal Infrastructure bill. PCC and partners submitted recommendations, and we'll share the new program details when we see them.
PCC Conducts Strategic Planning
PCC recently hired a strategic planner to guide our organization through self evaluation to produce our next Strategic Plan for the organization. Our board recently met in Columbia with WitMeetsGrit strategic planner Nikki Seibert Kelley. Strategic Plan coming soon!

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Local Event Spotlight:
Greenville's Bicycle Film Festival
If you're near Greenville and want something fun to do, especially while it's raining TOMORROW, check out this Bicycle Film Festival.

This 3 hour block on Saturday, October 1, will be your chance to see the best bike films in the biz. 5:30 and 8:30pm showings.
Local Spotlight:
Columbia sets neighborhood speed limits
Many SC cities and towns are changing speed management practices. Columbia is the newest city making changes, as the new Mayor makes this a priority.

Columbia's Mayor Rickenmann says "They want to walk, they want to walk their dog, their kids are out riding bikes and these are all great things for our community and we want to make them feel safe".

The program will be piloted in four neighborhoods, and in addition to lowering speeds, "the city is considering other traffic calming measures like bike lanes, speed feedback signs, and crosswalk markings.... planters ... 3D painting ... [or] bump outs ...". Email us if your town has a similar story we can share.
Good Read:
Get your Kids Biking to School
Momentum Magazine is a great publication that covers all things bikes. Read the latest article on research in Copenhagen, Denmark that determined that physical activity offers multiple and significant benefits for children’s cognitive development.
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