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Dec 2019 Newsletter
SC Livable Communities
policy campaign update
Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall indicated she would issue a "policy" directive from the draft Bike-Ped Safety Action Plan by January 2020. We continue to advocate that "policy" be binding and include key best practices. And we have requested a meeting to discuss these topics. Our last meeting with the Secretary was May 2019, so another meeting is well overdue.

When we recently participated in an ad-hoc SCDOT Multimodal Advisory Committee meeting, we learned the Bike-Ped Safety Action Plan will not be completed until Fall 2020. The PCC and partners continue to pursue participation as stakeholders in the Strategic Highway Safety Plan, a combined education/engineering/enforcement document finalized summer 2020, that will generate the Bike-Ped Safety Action Plan.

H.3656 , the simple bill requiring SCDOT pass a state complete streets policy, is in negotiations directly between Rep. Pendarvis and Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall. Please contact Rep. Pendarvis for further information.

SCDOT's new non-motorized highway safety program, funded at $5Million annually, continues to provide Pedestrian-focused Road Safety Audits statewide, and we continue to serve on those stakeholder committees. Down the road, those funds will transition to implementation of recommendations.

Challenges remain, yet we are grateful for some successes at the state level.

Safe Streets Lobby Day: Feb. 5
We are partnering with National Safety Council and AARP this year in a collective Safe Streets Lobby Day, Wednesday, February 5th. See the agenda, though it is likely to grow or be amended from recently pre-filed bills. Stay tuned for more information.

H.3355, S.723: Hands Free
H.3173: Vulnerable Road User
H.3172: Bike & Pedestrian Safety
H.3174: Electric Bikes
H.3656: Complete Streets
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Local Spotlight: Candidate Scorecard
Charleston Moves created Candidate Scorecard
One important role in local advocacy is educating citizens about the views of all candidates on a specific issue. See this Candidate Scorecard developed by Charleston Moves.
Good Read: What is a LIT lane?
LIT Lanes = Light Individual Transportation Lanes. City of Atlanta committed to connecting and protecting lanes for people on bikes and scooters. Mayor Bottoms said in August "In the next 30 days, we plan to implement changes to our streets to better protect everyone. We will use temporary barriers, painted demarcations and any tool we can find to complement our growing network of 118 miles of dedicated space for bikes and scooters ."
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