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Feb 2019 Newsletter
Distracted Driving legislation

PCC supports a coalition effort, led by Aiken's Rep. Taylor, to bring down South Carolina's traffic fatalities with a Hands Free bill. The bill will likely be debated on the House floor Wednesday this week.
Complete Streets legislation
House bill H.3656 is being led by Representative Marvin Pendarvis of Charleston. This bill simply requires South Carolina DOT pass a state Complete Streets policy, to "provide safe and efficient accommodations for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders". We are currently advocating to SCDOT commissioners to develop the more complex version of that policy - one that is meaningful and has substance. SCDOT passed a Complete Streets Resolution in 2003, but has yet to pass a policy. If you know a legislator willing to co-sponsor H.3656, please let them know of the opportunity.
Other PCC legislation
PCC's H.3174, the Electric Bike bill, heard testimony last week and has since been amended to include requirements for labeling. Stay tuned for more info! Your e-bike may soon be legal with law enforcement, if this effort passes.
SC Livable Communities Alliance update
Our Alliance for an SCDOT Complete Streets policy has grown to 19 Mayors! The SC Livable Communities Alliance, spearheaded and facilitated by PCC, has a singular mission: pass a Complete Streets policy at SCDOT. See our latest Policy Letter of Support here and our campaign website here! We also have 31 organizations and 12 hospitals and businesses so far.
Help Share this Legislative Survey
Thanks to partner Eat Smart Move More SC, a survey is floating to help grow our collective knowledge about how legislators may vote for various issues of health and safety, including our issues and complete streets! Help share the SURVEY HERE .
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Good Read:
Speed Limits, Formulas & Ethics
Speed limits on urban streets will no longer be set almost exclusively by how fast drivers choose to drive. The National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, a powerful group of engineers, voted last month to require city transportation officials to consider “pedestrian and bicycle activity” when determining the speed limit on most urban and suburban streets. The changes will be incorporated into the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices — perhaps the most important traffic engineering manual — when it is revised some time in the next few years. Read it here .
Good Read:
All Helmets are Not the Same
See the latest Virginia Tech study on the safety of various helmets. You might be surprised safest doesn't always mean most expensive! But don't get too in the weeds; just enjoy the ride and keep that 'noggin covered. Read it here .
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