We are excited to announce the PCCNA REUNION! Our annual conference is scheduled for February 23–25, 2022, in Jacksonville, Florida. You are invited to join us as we . . .

  • Return to Great Commandment love.
  • Reclaim our calling to the Great Requirement.
  • Reignite our faith to fulfill the Great Commission.

As committed followers of Jesus, experiencing and demonstrating the love of God, we are called to the great requirements of justice, mercy, and humility. May the Holy Spirit reignite our faith to see the Great Commission fulfilled in our day! Stay tuned for more details soon!

On-site and Virtual Options

Click here to reserve your room at the Southbank Hotel Jacksonville Riverwalk.
Words of Encouragement
Sterling Brackett, Treasurer
You are valuable to the ministry of PCCNA as we "demonstrate unity in the power of the Spirit" throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. We believe that together we can create an environment for the Spirit of the Lord to descend upon us for a mighty move of God in North America. Thank you for your annual member contributions that are making a difference in our ministry efforts. We hope you will plan to attend our annual conference in Jacksonville, Florida, during February 23–25, 2022.
PCCNA Treasurer Sterling Brackett encourages us to remember our annual member contribution and shares an invitation to join us for our:
REUNION Conference
February 23–25, 2022
Jacksonville, Florida.
Reconciling the World to Christ
Church of God of Prophecy's
Commitment to Five Core Values
The Church of God of Prophecy is a vibrant, twenty-first-century Christian movement grounded in Scripture, firm in the faith, and driven by a passion for prayer, the harvest, leadership development, biblical stewardship, and service. 

The impact of the Church of God of Prophecy is far-reaching. At least one new church opens its doors every day to touch a local community through the efforts of this movement. The Church is ethnically and culturally diverse, with more than 80 percent of its membership residing outside North America. Presently, the Church is ministering in more than 135 countries in 10,000 preaching venues.
Creative Possibilities in PCCNA
Communications & Media Commission
One of my favorite authors, Wendell Berry, describes the people in and around his fictional Port William, Kentucky, as a “membership.” In a reflection on Berry’s novel Jayber Crow, pastor Matt McCullough explains membership this way: “To belong to a community is to be at its disposal, to have given over all you have to be used for whatever your community needs. … It is a submission of yourself—your identity, your interests, your ambitions—to the needs of those to whom you’re bound.” 

Those key ideas, giving and submission, have made the PCCNA what it is today—and those same values can strengthen our community and our individual institutions in the future.
Meet our newly selected Communications & Media Commission Chair, Jamie Cain, who serves
as the Director of Communications for IPHC.
2021.10 Communique
Understanding Generation Z
Empowered21 Digital Event
On November 1 at 7 p.m. ET, Dr. Billy Wilson will be hosting a digital eventUnderstanding Generation Z: Born for the Stormbrought to you by AVAIL Leadership and Empowered21. Through this digital event, we aim to analyze the key cultural shifts of Generation Z, look at why they are so valuable to the future of ministry due to their lived experiences, and discuss how we as leaders can properly guide and empower them.
This event is for leaders who are seeking
to make a lasting impact for God’s Kingdom
in the world—one that goes beyond
their lifetime, resources, and reach. 
Ministry Mind Podcast
with Kim Cooper
Kenn Parker and Tyler Clark share with Kim about a prophetic initiative they are working on. Listen and view this great podcast about their mentorship relationship and what God is doing in and through them. They also share a word for their ACOP members and all of our Next Generation of leaders.

Kim Cooper is the Next Gen Catalyst with the Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada. We also celebrate the 100th Anniversary of ACOP extending grace and igniting hope!
COGIC Presiding Bishop Sheard
Shares on ABC News GMA
In this brief interview, the recently elected Presiding Bishop J. Drew Sheard of the Church of God in Christ, shares insights into his life and family. Be blessed by his words of encouragement in this Faith Friday segment.

Bishop J. Drew Sheard is also the pastor of Greater Emmanuel Institutional COGIC in Detroit, Michigan. Enjoy more messages and inspirational worship with Bishop Sheard by clicking here.
This “Hispanic Prayer Platform” (PHdO) is established to serve as a catalyst, for churches, individuals, and prayer groups to become part of the global prayer movement along with praying for each community, in the NHCLC framework.
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