News, Tips and More for June
From the Executive Director:

Dear PCDA Community,
A lot has happened since we last sent our monthly newsletter back in early March.
While we feel some comfort in reaching this opportunity to again share a version of our newsletter with all of you, we also feel and acknowledge the important need to process the grief and trauma of recent events that have shed renewed light on issues of systemic racism and social injustice which run deep in our country.
We remain in compassionate solidarity with the many families of color whom we serve, and we value those relationships. We recognize the importance of truly feeling a shared sense of trust and safety in our world and work. We have built an agency designed to reach the diverse and vulnerable, and we are already taking this challenge as an opportunity to step up and do even more to help address some of the longer-term systemic issues of racism and inequity that hinder healthy development.
In the meanwhile, we are still here, working as hard as possible to continue to provide ongoing and meaningful therapy and support to our clients and families in the safest way possible. This means that we have not seen each other in person to share a hug or a high-five in quite some time now. Yet we remain connected, through the strength of our relationships, and temporarily through the medium of our telehealth services.
We continue to be committed to public safety best practices, and we are doing all that we can to prepare for a time when our shared company will be safer than it is today.
I hope you take some time to enjoy these updates, resources and information from our amazing team!
Please continue to stay safe and smart as we head into this summer season.

In kindness,
Christopher Perri, MS, LCSW
Executive Director
With Gratitude
Thanks so much for all of you who participated in giving to PCDA from April 20 th – May 10 th in response to the Matching Gift Challenge that our donor, the Supo Foundation, supported with a $50,000 contribution that enabled PCDA to raise just shy of $100,000 during this time period.
The Supo Foundation was introduced to PCDA at last year’s Harvest Moon Gala, where PCDA’s mission inspired them to begin giving. The Supo Foundation is a family run private foundation that welcomes opportunities to support their local community’s needs as well as the needs of our national and international community.   
The Supo Foundation supports health, wellness, housing and education needs for women, children and the elderly. The benefactor of the organization wishes to remain anonymous. The Supo Foundation’s tagline says it best: “Giving While You’re Living is Knowing Where it’s Going.” PCDA is deeply appreciative of this foundation’s dedication to our community and the many lives their giving touches.
U.S. National Organization of Chinese Women Donate Equipment to Support PCDA
In honor of International Children's Day, the U.S. National Organization of Chinese Women donated 2,000 masks and a case of hand sanitizer to help support PCDA's work with children.

We're deeply grateful for this generous gift, which will help PCDA conduct our work in these difficult times.

The organization's gift was even featured on the front page of the Chinese World Journal !
PCDA Happenings
PCDA Clinical Director Julie Miller to Present for American Occupational Therapy Association
Clinical Director Julie Miller will represent PCDA in " Considerations for Re-Opening Pediatric Clinics in the Midst of a Pandemic " in a webinar for the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).
Look for PCDA in an Upcoming Outlook Article!
The Pasadena Outlook covered PCDA's pivot to telehealth options in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be sure to look for PCDA (including Creative Arts Department Head Juliana Ross, at right) in an upcoming issue!
Program Spotlight
Music Therapy Telehealth Services - Now Available!
PCDA is now offering music therapy telehealth services! For more information, please contact Aimee Nava by emailing aimee@pcdateam.org or calling (626) 793-7350 ext. 256.
Helping Children Understand Social Justice
Talking With Children About Racism, Police Brutality and Protests

"If we want to raise our children to be compassionate people who participate as responsible citizens in a democracy, we need to find ways to talk with them about the thorny issues that we struggle with as a country. Race, fairness, and how to create change in a democracy are three of those issues. ... [I]f we want things to be different ... we need to begin those discussions in our homes."
Talking to Children About Racism: The Time is Now

"It's ok to acknowledge that people are treated differently based on the color of their skin and where they live and share examples of this happening. But this is also an opportunity to show your children how to make a positive difference. For example, perhaps your family can call your city council person or superintendent to advocate for issues faced by communities of color."
CNN & Sesame Street "Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism"

CNN's Van Jones and Erica Hill partnered with Sesame Street for this town hall designed for children and families. In case you missed it, you can see it in its entirety at CNN.com.
Helping Kids Process Violence, Trauma, and Race

In this recorded conversation, child development, children's health, and trauma-care experts discuss ways that families can support their children, one another, and a just future.
17 Films, Shows, and Documentaries That Can Help Educate Your Tweens and Teens About Race

"In addition to diversifying your family's bookshelves, listening, protesting, donating, and speaking out against racism, having necessary conversations with your kids about race is a vital action parents, especially white parents, should be taking to eradicate racism."
Raising Race Conscious Children

"The goals of these conversations are to dismantle the color-blind framework and prepare young people to work toward racial justice. If we commit to collectively trying to talk about race with young children, we can lean on one another for support as we, together, envision a world where we actively challenge racism each and every day. "
Take Action to Advocate for Crucial Funding
Help advocate for funding for developmental disability services in California!
This is a crucial time in finalizing California's state budget, and your help is needed in urging your elected officials to protect much-needed funding for services for Californians with developmental disabilities!

Here's how to help: Just visit FindYourRep.legislature.ca.gov and enter your address. From there, you can click through to the websites of your state Assembly member and state Senator, where you'll find their contact information. You can call or email both officials to let them know you're their constituent and you strongly support a budget that protects the developmental disabilities service system and its funding. Next, call or email Governor Newsom with the same message.
To learn more about why the budget process is especially important this year, and what's at stake for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families and service providers, visit the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center's informational page on the issue.

Thank you for taking action!
COVID-19 Tips and Information for Families
Helping your child wear a mask with play and sensory strategies
How dealing with the pandemic may affect our sensory systems
Amid the Pandemic, Going Easy on Our Kids — and Ourselves
Easing the Emotional Toll of the Coronavirus Pandemic
Resources for Families
P-EBT Program: Apply by June 30

Through the P-EBT program, families can get help buying food while schools are closed (this program is for those who are normally able to get free or reduced-price school meals).
OpenLibrary: Free eBook Borrowing

OpenLibrary is a free online resource where users can borrow ebooks. It includes a K-12 Student Library, and you can also browse by subject or type of book (i.e., picture books).
More Recommended Reading
Avoiding the "Good Job!" Habit

"By avoiding the 'Good Job!' habit and engaging in a richer interaction, a child will expand their capacities for thinking and communicating at more complex levels and an adult and child will enjoy a
mutually rewarding relationship." Plus 10 reasons not to say "Good job!" and 12 things to say or do instead, from PCDA co-founder Dr. Diane Cullinane!
Apple Boosts Assistance

"Apple ... is introducing a dedicated support team to address accessibility questions as well as a new support site and how-to videos focused on using such features. In addition, the company is now offering one-on-one virtual coaching sessions for students with disabilities and their teachers who are engaged in remote learning."
Quote of the Month
"If I’m sad about something, and I dismiss my sadness by saying, 'Oh, well, it was for the best,' then I’m probably not willing or able to explore how I’m feeling. If I’m angry with someone, and I say, 'Oh, it doesn’t matter, I don’t care,' then I probably don’t know what I’m really feeling. On the other hand, if we can allow ourselves to be gentle with ourselves no matter what our feelings may be, we have the chance of discovering the very deep roots of who we are."

—Mister Rogers
Help PCDA Make a Difference
You can help PCDA help children and families affected by autism and other developmental challenges.

PCDA provides services for more than 1,000 children and their families each and every year, and we can't do this important work without community philanthropic support.

At this time, community giving is even more crucial in supporting our work.

Click the PCDA client artwork to make a donation today!
Another Way to Support PCDA
Use Amazon? Consider making your purchases through smile.amazon.com.
During this time of national emergency, when many households are using online purchasing to help keep their families safe, we wanted to remind you that PCDA receives a charitable donation from Amazon Smile for every purchase made when you create and use an Amazon Smile account, or use your existing Amazon account but make your purchases through the Amazon Smile website. You get the same products, same prices and same service at Amazon Smile as you do on Amazon!

Amazon Smile donates a percentage of your purchase to PDCA when you take these simple steps before shopping:

  • Create an Amazon Smile account or simply log into your existing Amazon account at smile.amazon.com.
  • Once you, the customer, signs into your Amazon Smile account, you’ll be prompted to “Support your charitable organization by starting your shopping at smile.amazon.com.”
  • You will then be prompted to “Select a charity to start shopping.” Please type in “PCDA” so that your purchase will automatically be eligible for PCDA to receive a percentage of your purchase as a charitable donation.

That’s it! The Amazon Smile platform will take care of the rest. Once you check out, a percentage of your sale will automatically be directed to PCDA.

Thanks so much for considering this option when you shop online. We’re very grateful for all support of our mission, and what it means for the children and families we care for.
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PCDA's Mission:
To profoundly impact the developmental outcomes of children with autism and other special needs through innovative multidisciplinary and family-centered therapeutic services, professional training, and outreach.
PCDA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing children with developmental challenges and their families the best possible programs. Your donations directly support children with special needs and their families. Thank you for your generous support!