News, Tips & More for December
From the Executive Director / Del Director Ejecutivo
Dear PCDA Community,

It is time for our last newsletter for the year 2020, as we move through December, into winter, and soon on to 2021. We hope our ongoing connection helps bring you warmth and smiles into this unusual holiday season.
We continue to do all that we can to serve our families and individuals both meaningfully and safely, and we have plenty to share with all of you! We are grateful to be a meaningful part of our community, and we consider each of you a meaningful part of ours. 

We greatly appreciate all of those who were involved in supporting, attending, and delivering on a successful first virtual BINGO FUNdraiser event a few weeks ago. Those who are still interested in supporting us once more before the end of the calendar year can still do so with information below.
We hope you enjoy reading more about the many ongoing activities and achievements in this month’s newsletter.

In kindness,
Christopher Perri, MS, LCSW
Executive Director
Estimada comunidad PCDA,

Es hora de nuestro último boletín informativo para el año 2020, a medida que avanzamos en diciembre, hacia el invierno y pronto hacia el 2021. Esperamos que nuestra conexión continua le ayude a traer calidez y sonrisas a esta inusual temporada de fiestas.

Continuamos haciendo todo lo posible para servir a nuestras familias e individuos de manera significativa y segura, ¡y tenemos mucho que compartir con todos ustedes! Estamos agradecidos de ser una parte significativa de nuestra comunidad y consideramos a cada uno de ustedes como una parte significativa de la nuestra.

Agradecemos enormemente a todos los que participaron en el apoyo, la asistencia y la realización de un exitoso primer evento virtual BINGO FUNdraiser hace unas semanas. Aquellos que todavía estén interesados ​​en apoyarnos una vez más antes de que finalice el año calendario aún pueden hacerlo con la información a continuación.

Esperamos que disfrute leyendo más sobre las numerosas actividades y logros en curso en el boletín informativo de este mes.

Con bondad
Christopher Perri, MS, LCSW
Director Ejecutivo
Help Support PCDA's Work
End-of-Year Giving
Much of PCDA's programming includes very specialized care, which is often not found anywhere else.

We provide a depth of services to garner the interest of each child and enrich their experiences.

And, because of generous people like you, we can continue this care far into the future. Thank you for your support!
Holiday Toy Drive
PCDA's 2020 Virtual Holiday Toy Drive

Donations made through this year's Holiday Toy Drive will help families in need to receive access to telehealth services, toys, and other essential items. Visit bit.ly/PCDAtoys to learn how you can give the gift of play!
People of PCDA
Board of Directors Spotlight: Judy Wilson
Chances are if you are of mid-adult age or older and have lived in Pasadena for more than a few years, you either know, have known, heard of, or will know, Judy Wilson. Judy is a fixture in the community and has had her hands in many pots. She, and husband Randy, are busy.

Judy has spent her adult lifetime assessing, analyzing, and fixing what doesn’t work. Starting her career as an analyst for the New York/New Jersey Port Authority, she worked her way through city and government positions with incredible responsibility. She knows Pasadena and Greater Los Angeles, quite literally, inside and out, having served as Assistant City Manager of Pasadena, Executive Officer Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and Director of the Bureau of Sanitation for Los Angeles. There were other positions in Judy’s career, but the one that led her to PCDA’s door was her most recent as Director of Development at the Pasadena Community Foundation.

After a long career in government, Judy came out of retirement to sign on as the Development Director for the Pasadena Community Foundation (PCF). PCF is a grantor of PCDA’s for a number of capital projects. Judy shares: “One of the hallmarks of PCF is careful research into the applicant’s requests and into the non-profit making the grant request. That includes site visits. As a PCF staffer I made a number of site visits to PCDA and saw first-hand the remarkable work that is done.”

Judy joined PCDA’s board in 2018, and in 2019 was voted in as Board Chair. “As a board member, I understand the revenue model under which PCDA operates. About 80% of our services are covered by fees and insurance. Because PCDA provides high quality services in a non-compromising fashion, the other 20% of the operating revenue must be raised through philanthropy. I know that our children and young people need these services and we can’t stint on their care. I am happy to help make up the difference and ask others to help as well. What could be a better investment of time and money?”

Judy and Randy have always been significant supporters of our community. serving on a number of non-profit boards. They believe that they have been extraordinarily lucky and with that good fortune, there is a responsibility to give back.

Judy would tell you she believes in the three T’s of philanthropy: Treasure, Time, and Talent. Judy gets great satisfaction serving on non-profit boards and attributes some of that satisfaction to her rule of serving on only one board at a time: “I want to give the organization my full attention and not just be a name of the letterhead.”

When asked what Judy’s hopes were for the New Year, Judy shared: “Year 2020 was a real test for everyone, no less so for PCDA and our clients. I am so proud of the PCDA staff and their ability to pivot to telemedicine. It has been quite a challenge. PCDA met the moment. My hopes for the future are a return to normalcy, and establishing a strong stable financial base so that PCDA can continue its great work well into the future.”

Thanks to you, Judy, for all you do to ensure PCDA’s strength and future. PCDA embarks on our 25th year of service in 2021 and we are so proud to have Judy’s leadership as we enter into this New Year and all its possibilities.
With Gratitude
U.S. National Organization of Chinese Women Donate Masks to Support PCDA
PCDA is deeply grateful to the U.S. National Association of Chinese Women, who generously donated a supply of N95 masks to help support PCDA's work, in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday!

This is the second donation of personal protective equipment provided by the group this year. Thank you!
Creative Arts Programs Benefit from Community Support
Programs and Services Spotlight
Staying Engaged Through Telehealth Services
Our clinicians do what they can to help our clients remain engaged during telehealth sessions, whether that means using jackets or yoga mats to pretend to go “camping,” wearing costumes and making crafts to help our clients engage and enjoy the holiday festivities, or inviting various guests from our community to join our sessions. Guests include members of Muse/ique putting on a musical demonstration, or a Seargent from the U.S. Army in honor of Veterans’ Day.
PCDA Creative Arts Program Presents Virtual Winter Recital
Recommended Reading
The Family Table

"Whether your family mealtime happens every night or only once a week, in the morning before school or late-night for just dessert, it's important to take advantage of whatever opportunity you have to nourish the mind, soul and stomach of everyone at the table. Keep reading for some fresh ideas for ... taking the stress out of the family table."

Face Mask 2
Holiday Gatherings

"The holiday season is ... a time when family and friends enjoy gathering, but this year it is necessary for all of us to modify or pause usual traditions, to minimize risk, keep each other safe and help stop the spread of COVID-19. The safest way to celebrate holidays this year is to stay at home with members of your own household."

Tip of the Month
Let’s Keep on Talking!
Anne Davis, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-language Pathologist

My nieces and nephews grew up across the country from where I was living, seeing me at most one time a year, yet from a very young age they knew me and referred to me by name. This was because my brother and sister-in-law had pictures of me in their house and labeled me for their children. Then when I called on the phone or visited for the holidays, my face and name were familiar and expected. Instead of being a stranger, I was Aunt Anne, and it didn’t take long to accept me as a visiting relative in the house.

This holiday season, your young children may not be able to spend time with aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents, even if they live in the same city or state, but you can still help them learn the vocabulary to know, remember, and interact with their extended family. Using pictures that are framed, in albums, or on your phone is still a great option; now, however, video platforms enable real-time fun together. It does take a little forethought and planning! We can’t expect a 3-year-old to participate in a verbal conversation with Great Aunt Linda without a little modeling! You may also need to have a pre-video call chat with your relative to explain more complicated games.

Before placing the call, think about an activity that your child really loves to do with you that doesn’t involve a screen. How can you modify that activity so that your relative can participate from the other side of a video call? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Does your child like peekaboo or hide and seek? Your relative can hide by turning off the camera, then return when called. Other children might enjoy actually hiding in the room and having people guess where they are hiding.
  2. Does your child have a specific interest or collection? Have the child collect their dinosaurs, stuffed animals, rocks, or stickers in a container to have on hand. Then you can model how they can share their interests. “I know you really like dinosaurs. I like triceratops the best. Look, Grandpa! It's triceratops. I like the horns.” Then you can pause and wait. If your child says nothing, you can point at a dinosaur you know they like and whisper, “I think Grandpa would like T-Rex.” If your child picks up T-Rex to show Grandpa, great. If not, you could playfully move the dinosaur’s head into frame and say “Hello. I’m T-Rex”. For some children it may work best to avoid asking direct questions, such as “What is your favorite dinosaur?” A helpful way to support a successful interaction with a hesitant child is to give them ideas of what to say, by saying it yourself: “This T-Rex has little arms and sharp teeth! Scary!!!” The possibilities are many, because that’s what language is all about.
Quote of the Month
"We all have different gifts, so we all have different ways of saying to the world who we are."

—Mr. Rogers
More Ways to Support PCDA's Work
Flowers and Gifts That Give Back to PCDA
Florist and gift shop Frida Pickles will provide PCDA a percentage of sales. When looking for your holiday floral and gifts, please consider making your purchases here, while providing hope for PCDA’s children and families.
Support PCDA Through Your Online Shopping!

Use Amazon? Consider making your purchases through smile.amazon.com.
During this time of national emergency, when many households are using online purchasing to help keep their families safe, we wanted to remind you that PCDA receives a charitable donation from Amazon Smile for every purchase made when you create and use an Amazon Smile account, or use your existing Amazon account but make your purchases through the Amazon Smile website. You get the same products, same prices and same service at Amazon Smile as you do on Amazon!

Amazon Smile donates a percentage of your purchase to PDCA when you take these simple steps before shopping:

  • Create an Amazon Smile account or simply log into your existing Amazon account at smile.amazon.com.
  • Once you, the customer, signs into your Amazon Smile account, you’ll be prompted to “Support your charitable organization by starting your shopping at smile.amazon.com.”
  • You will then be prompted to “Select a charity to start shopping.” Please type in “PCDA” so that your purchase will automatically be eligible for PCDA to receive a percentage of your purchase as a charitable donation.

That’s it! The Amazon Smile platform will take care of the rest. Once you check out, a percentage of your sale will automatically be directed to PCDA. Thanks so much for considering this option when you shop online. We’re very grateful for all support of our mission, and what it means for the children and families we care for.
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PCDA's Mission:
To profoundly impact the developmental outcomes of children with autism and other special needs through innovative multidisciplinary and family-centered therapeutic services, professional training, and outreach.
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